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Hi & Welcome to Shannon Reece Jones Photography! If you are a past client, you know the drill. We take pretty pictures of you and your family, and then you choose your favorites at your ordering appointment. I get soooo many emails from new clients that are afraid of the ordering appointment. They just want digital images. Please don’t be afraid ;). I get it, I want the digitals too, just in case I need to print something for my kids later on down the road. That is why the digital images are included with anything that you order at your ordering appointment ;).

I have an easy process set up so that if you don’t want them (the digitals that is), and say you just want a large wall portrait, totally fine, you can tuck away that USB and display your wall art for everyone to see! But… do you know what is much better than a gallery of beautiful images tucked away in a drawer at your desk? A beautiful baby book that you will get to pass on to your children, and their children. And a great piece of wall art that becomes a conversation piece when family and friends come over. And to help a little more, below are a few recent orders from different session types:



Maternity sessions are 99.9% of the time booked with a newborn session. With that being said, most clients choose an album and include their favorite images from both the maternity & newborn session. If you choose the maternity & newborn album collection, the USB is included with all of the digital images (from both galleries) as well as all of the matching 5×7 gifts prints. If a client prefers wall art, then a collection of maternity & newborn printed fine art portraits are often a favorite add-on. This mom choose both ;). The gold frame was actually for grandma.



Newborn photography is truly a gift. I have a newborn portrait in black and white of my great grandmother, holding my grandfather as a baby, and it has to be one of my most treasured pieces. This is a family heirloom that will be passed down to my children, and theirs. Even more special, there is a framed portrait that my mom has of her dad being held by his mother, and it looks just like my mom. To see who you look like, and where you came from, is why photography and especially printed photographs, are so special. They are a piece of our history that will help us to remember our story, and be able to share that with generations to come.

Shannon Reece Jones Photography clients often choose a wall grouping, an album, or a fine art print collection. I work with the best vendors in the industry and will show you all of your options when you come to the studio to design your artwork. The client below chose fine art prints for her home, as well as for both sets of grandparents. And, her USB includes the images from both her maternity & newborn gallery as well. Birth announcements, a baby registry, and grandparent gifts are also available.


Senior portraits are a classic photography milestone. Moms are typically the ones that schedule the session, and they LOVE wall portraits! This family chose a 5 piece wall grouping, and this graduate decided to take a few with her to college. We created a 3 piece grouping for mom to keep at home. She also had a little sister, and she got to be a part of her sister’s senior session as well. Mom ordered her some metals to keep in her room also. Analisa Hastings Hair & Makeup (who shares a studio with me) did their hair and makeup and they loved every part of it. Mom also ordered a fine art album to keep of her beautiful gallery. I included their glass and gold usb as well ;).


Family Portraits are a fall favorite, however, we do them all year long here in Houston! There is nothing better than choosing what to wear, the location, and finally, displaying your wall art. Our fine art canvas is just beautiful and you can learn more about them in my welcome guide. They are handmade, and even finished with an acrylic brushstroke that you can clean with windex! From a family of 3, to an extended family of 12, I am happy to work with you, and your family on your vision and what you would like to display in your home.



 From keepsake albums, to wall art for the mantle (that’s how I decorate mine for Christmas!)… Santa sessions are a fine art session that are a popular with the SRJP studio. Ornaments are always a favorite as well!

Santa Frame


Your Ordering Appointment

If you have questions, or want to see everything that I have, you are welcome to come to the studio for a pre-session meeting. I am always happy to FaceTime you as well.

Be sure to contact Shannon for more Information. We can’t wait for your session! 


Shannon Reece Jones Photography

Thank you for visiting the website! Shannon Reece Jones Photography is a boutique photography studio serving Houston, TX & surrounding locations including The Woodlands, Spring, The Heights, Cypress, Tomball, Conroe, Katy, Kingwood, Memorial & Magnolia. Shannon photographs expecting parents, newborn babies, children & families, including high school seniors. Shannon’s style is classic, forever & real.

Interested in booking a session? Please enter your information and I will be in touch shortly. Please note: family, maternity and newborn sessions do book several months in advance. For newborn sessions, please be sure to contact me while you are pregnant. Maternity sessions take place between 33-36 weeks. Newborn sessions take place when your baby is 6-12 days old. There are a limited number of sessions each month so please contact me as soon possible to reserve your date and session time. I can’t wait for your session!


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