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Child-Friendly Ways to Beautify Your Home in Winter

January 25, 2023


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The long winter months mean more time spent indoors–which can feel wonderfully cozy if your space is comfortable and beautiful. But, if you’re in the stage of parenting young children, you may have resigned yourself to the idea that beautifying your home will have to wait until the danger of milk spills, rogue crayon marks, and a constant explosion of toys is over. However, it’s totally possible to make your space a warm and inviting sanctuary for your entire family, no matter what their ages, with a few child-friendly ways to beautify your home in winter.

Blankets, Throws, and Rugs

Nothing says cozy like layers of soft, thick fabric. While you can spend a lot on these, there are plenty of more affordable options that look great but won’t stress you out when the kids decide to make a blanket fort with them.

artwork hung over baby's crib with gray blanket and teddy bear

Baskets and Boxes

Staying organized and clutter-free is one of the best ways you can beautify your home. I’m a fan of decorative boxes and baskets that work well with my home décor while offering an easy way to tuck away toys, craft supplies, and other not-so-pretty items, while still keeping them easily accessible.

Artificial Plants

There’s something incredibly soothing about plants. If you don’t have a green thumb, or if you’re worried about little ones playing in the dirt or trying to taste-test the leaves, artificial plants are the solution! Many of them look just like the real deal and can bring thoughts of warmer summer days without the bother of watering.

Baby Nursery

Battery-Operated Candles

Candles are another favorite to create an intimate and cozy ambience. Battery-operated options give you that gorgeous flickering light, but without the risks of an open flame.

Use Shelves

Your pretty objects don’t have to be packed away until the kids leave for college. Many delicate items you love can be displayed on high shelves. Just because you need to keep those special art pieces out of reach of little fingers doesn’t mean you need to keep them out of sight!

Photo Memories

Of course, if you ask me, the best way to beautify your home in winter (or any season!) is with personalized artwork of your own family. Wall art, framed prints, and other photo memories make the best décor! A space filled with family memories will always be a space filled with love, beauty, and warmth!

child-friendly ways to beautify your home in winter, canvas of mother and daughter hanging in bedroom

I hope these child-friendly ways to beautify your home in winter have inspired you! Stay safe and warm–and enjoy making this stage of life beautiful!

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