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Outdoor Family Photography Session | Houston, Texas

January 14, 2019


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Hi there! Welcome to the SRJ Photography blog. We're so glad you are here. feel free to stay a while and peek into some recent sessions. We can't wait for yours!

Hi, I'm Shannon.

I had a wonderful family photography session with the Guydon family late last year. I first met them when our daughters played soccer together. They have been clients of mine for two fall seasons now. The husband is a motivational speaker and they are just the nicest people.

We chose to do this session outdoors. It was the prettiest setting! I love shooting anywhere with water—it is so soothing and natural. The evergreen trees gave us a lovely color background and were so beautiful reflected in the still water. And the leaves on the deciduous trees, changing to rust red and brown, had made a perfect fall carpet on the ground. I enjoyed sharing time in the great outdoors with this sweet family.

I love the autumn season! The cool air is a welcome change after a long Texas summer. I find myself looking forward to school, routine, baked goods—all the joys of fall! I’m very fortunate as a Houston photographer to have such a great climate, since it means that outdoor photography is possible at any time of the year. While I love shooting in my studio, there is something special about an outdoor session at one of the beautiful parks around town, or on a client’s property.

An outdoor session can also be the perfect setting if you’re looking for a more natural, casual feel for your family photos. I find that it’s easier for many people to pose naturally and feel at ease when they are outside—especially in family photography when children are involved. We used denim, plaid, and white for this session since we were looking for a simple, casual vibe. It fit perfectly with what we were looking for.

These three children were so gorgeous, and such a lot of fun to be with! It’s been a great experience to watch them grow up over the last couple of years. I loved capturing the relationships, both of the three of them as siblings, and of the whole family. We created some wonderful images together that I am sure will be beautiful gracing the walls of their home. It is truly a pleasure to be both friend and family photographer to such a sweet and amazing family!

Thank you so much for visiting my site! If you’d like to learn more about my services please feel free to contact me and I will be in touch shortly. Please note that most of my sessions do book several months in advance. For this reason, whether you are interested in family photography, or in a maternity or newborn session, please be sure to contact me as soon as possible. This is especially important for maternity and newborn sessions.

If you are booking this type of session, get in touch with me early in the pregnancy for a maternity session, and well before baby arrives for a newborn session. Ideally, clients book their newborn session when they are 5-6 months pregnant, to ensure a spot. Newborn sessions take place when your baby is 6-12 days old. There are a limited number of sessions each month so please contact me as soon as you can to reserve your date and session time. I can’t wait to hear from you! Lots of love!



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I'm Shannon and I'm so happy you're here. Feel free stay a while and peek around. We can't wait for your session!

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