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Hi & Welcome! 

hi & welcome!

Struggling with editing? Finding your niche? How to use off camera flash? Lifestyle or newborn photography? Family posing? I'm here to help! Private mentoring will begin with a customized proposal just for you and your business. We will create an outline just for you... and what you need to work on. We will meet weekly on coaching calls where Shannon will provide advice and resources on creating artwork, and elevating your brand to $1500+ orders per client. 

1:1 Private Mentoring

I'm Shannon

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Where can I even begin!? Shannon is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met and learning from her is like learning from a long time friend! She’s not only so full of knowledge and tips for growing your business, but she truly cares about the people she’s helping. I can’t recommend her workshop and courses enough! Run don’t walk to sign up!! 

— Stephanie

" she truly cares"

One of my first jobs out of college was as an event planner. I was secretly jealous of the photographers that would come in for the events; they would share their albums and business cards, and I so wanted that to be me. I know what a dream feels like, I know how hard you have to work to make that dream come true, and I know that sometimes you need a little help along the way.

I've been there, too.

Over the years, photographers have reached out to me, asking how I sell artwork, And I felt like I just needed to share this gift that you can give your clients, and your family.  

I know

Ready to take your photography business to the next level?

1:1 Coaching 

I see you… building your photography business...while working your 9-5 (or wondering if you should go back to it). You're so tired from all of the mini sessions, but your dreams are so big. It’s time to stop wondering how to make your business better, turn your inbox full of friends and family into ideal clients, and your artwork into a profitable career that offers more to your clients and your family.

Regardless of where you’re at in your business journey, this program was created just for you.


From your first email, to the first hug, imagine working with sweet clients that appreciate you; and your artwork. Learn how to elevate your brand, your studio, and your salary.

Photography started out in a dark room, with the excitement of creating a printed photograph, made from film. Due to the rapidly changing technology industry, we now have a million digital images that may not even exist in 10 years. Printed artwork is the most precious gift that you can give your clients. Shannon will share with you the way that she sells and creates keepsakes for her SRJP families.

Want to Learn...

How to attract
luxury clients

How to create &
sell artwork

The photography world is full of photographers that love mini sessions (believe me... I used to get emails constantly asking for minis.) But as a professional photographer, I personally know that mini sessions will take away you passion, leave you sick and tired the week before Christmas, and you will be working more than you would in a regular 9-5... for much less. Shannon will walk you through each and every step you need to take to create profitable minis, or eliminate them completely, sell artwork, and create a salary for your business and your family. 

How to work less and make more

From welcome guides to email templates, Shannon will help you get organized, plan ahead, and teach you how to run a portrait studio step - by - step.  You will learn how to create artwork, and host your first ordering appointment. 

How to streamline your workflow


Stop offering mini sessions and make more in a month than ever before.

How does this sound?

Fill your calendar with your dream clients that make your heart happy.

the results you're going to get:

Create a tribe of loyal customers who appreciate you and your photography.

Kick that imposter syndrome and self doubt in the booty and feel confident.

Feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that you created & sold something with value...from your talent.

YES, I'M in!


How It Works

Book a 1:1 Zoom call with Shannon So We Can Chat More About Your Business and Your Goals

Step 1

Shannon Will Send You A Detailed proposal based on your business and what you would like to learn

Step 2

Mark your calendar... we will meet every week, for as long as you need, to take your business to the next level!

Step 3

When I was ready to level up my portrait business with IPS and studio know-how, I immediately came to Shannon and was blown away by her openness and expertise! Now, I'm readying to open my first studio space and feeling extra confident after learning from her!


Kind words

"This course made my business dreams come true! I made six figures, and I couldn't have done it without Kate!"

- Jessa

six figures


So let's get you there first!

A year from now they will have wished they started today...

I'll be here to walk you through each step that you need to take to take your business to the next level! There aren't too many questions, that's how we grow! 

You're stronger than you think you are. But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your business to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what works.

You're in the right place.

"Don't wish for it, work for it."

Everything is Set Up For You

Set aside time to make this happen


Follow a proven roadmap

1:1 Mentoring 
 Elevate Your Brand.

"Don't wish for it. Work for it."

This     for you if:

you want to take your business to the next level

You're overwhelmed by this

YOu ARE a photographer


you're ready to make a change

It's probably       for you if...

You Don't Have 5-7 Hours Per Week



It's probably
for you if...

you're willing to invest more in your business financially 

You're not willing to invest in samples & suggestions it might take to ELEVATE your brand


Let's Do This Thing!

Contact Shannon to schedule your 1:1 zoom call. Let's make sure you are the perfect fit for this group mentoring program!  

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Ready to make a change?

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I’m a hands-on learner, will this be a good fit for me?

Of course! I’m a visual learner as well, and I’ll be sure to walk you through each step, and show you every possible detail. We will zoom every week and I’ll be sure to have samples of everything as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m just starting my business, will this still be a good starting place?

This is the perfect way to begin your business. I started my business selling artwork, because honestly, that’s just what I thought professional photographers did. It was never a second thought to me. This is the best way to set your business up for success in the long run! 

I’m a pro, is this too beginner for me?

Not at all! There are so many pros who are doing the “shoot and burn,” they are worn out and need help! This is exactly for you. When your clients are only asking for digitals, I get it, but this class will help you to actually sell artwork, price your digitals for profit, and create a thriving business where you work less, and not more (unless you want to, of course!)

 I’m a little nervous about the financial part of this course. How do I know if this is going to work?

I add education into my cost of doing business every year. The photography business, and world, is constantly changing... and if you want to keep up with the pros, you need to continuously step up your game, learn about trends in the industry, take tips and tricks from others, and continue to grow. In my options, there is never an end to education in the photography industry. 

I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your business is an important one! Feel free to email me with any questions that you may have! I would be happy to chat more if you would like to set up a zoom call as well!

Still on the fence?