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5 Reasons to Choose Professional Photography

May 24, 2022


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With smartphones and accessible technology, taking your own photos has never been easier. So, why choose professional photography when you can DIY it? Photography is an art form, just like a painting or sculpture, and it requires skill and knowledge to do it well. When it comes to your family’s memories, you want someone who can create photos that are beautiful, will stand the test of time, and that your family can treasure for generations. 

5 Reasons to Choose Professional Photography

A Professional Photographer Provides Experience and Expertise

A true professional brings years of training and hands-on experience to your session. They have the lighting and equipment, and know-how to get the best possible images for you. And for certain types of photography (such as newborn photography) training is key to ensure that your memories are captured safely.

You Can Be in the Photographs

Parents (especially mamas) are often the ones taking pictures of their family. But it’s so important, for yourself and your children, that you are a part of those memories too. Hiring a professional photographer enables you to take time to just love on your babies while someone else records those precious moments. 

Newborn Nursery - Houston Photographer Shannon Reece Jones

Your Photographer Will Provide Professional Editing

While the photography session itself requires skill and experience, professional photographers do a ton of work after your photo session as well. It takes a professional eye and hand to know just how to make each image a fine art portrait. 

Professional Photography: Artwork vs. Snapshots

As mentioned above, most people have cameras on their phones, making it easy to capture snapshots every day. And that’s wonderful! You should definitely take advantage of the technology and capture those silly moments and spontaneous memories that happen in day-to-day living. But if you want beautiful portraits, keepsake alums, personalized artwork to hang in your home, a professional photographer is the only way to go. 

Choose professional photography, framed portrait of couple

Choose to Invest in Your Family’s Memories

Life goes by so fast. Babies grow up in the blink of an eye. And as life goes on and things change, you’ll forget so many things you were sure you would always remember. Photographs are one of the few ways we can truly hold on to the things that make life precious. They are a way to look back on your growing family, your children’s first years, and the beginning of your marriage and family. You deserve to remember the special moments in your life, and your children deserve to have images of you to pass onto their children. Everyone deserves to be remembered. When you choose professional photography, you allow your family’s memories to be cherished and passed down for years to come.

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