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6 Quick Marketing Tips for Photographers and Small Businesses

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6 Quick Marketing Tips For Photographers and Small Businesses

As a working mom and business owner, I know that we need systems and organization to make things run a simple as possible! I’ve worked with large brands like Fabletics, and small brand like Mary James Ministires, creating an album cover. And what they all need is content! As your photographer; I am here to help create the images that you need for your website, social media and business plan… but wanted to share some of my favorite marketing advertising tips as well!

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01 – You Need a Solid Website!

Your website is the face of your business, and it needs to represent you, and everything you do, in the first few seconds. I read in a book once, that you need to make your website so easy to understand, that a child will be able to open it and immediately know what you do. Double check.. does your title say what you do and where you are located?

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02 – You Need an About Section

Next, is there a picture of you right on the front of your website introducing yourself? You need to say hi, and let people see you so that they know who they are working with. Have a team? Add a group picture of everyone! Clients like to see who they are working with and your about page can have individual headshots to introduce everyone!

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03 – Social Media

I know that we all have a love/hate relationship with social media. But if you are consistent, and post daily, you will have a fabulous portfolio to show clients when they ask why they should work with you. Eventually, they will be find you there a well! Use hashtags and locations in all of your posts! I love Plann to pre-schedule everything! Share one post to Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest and Linkedin!

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04 – Blog!

Seriously! This is called SEO (or search engine optimization) and this is how clients find you. You need a wordpress blog, and use the Yoast SEO plug in to help you! There are tons of free tutorials on you tube to set everything up! Each blog needs to have keywords that clients will use to search for you, and it takes time, but is worth it in the long run. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

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05 – Need clients right now?

Run ads! That’s right, Facebook, Instagram and Google ads are the best ways to get new clients in the door. Sign up for an email marketing system, make a landing page, and send those clients to that landing page, send them a helpful guide about your business and continue to remind them of you monthly, or even weekly through your newsletter!

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06 – And last but not least… you need photos for content!

You need content and pictures to put out into the world! That’s why I’m here! I will photograph you, and your team, a day in the life, and all of your prodcuts, to have images to use for marketing! Don’t have a budget for photography just yet? That’s ok, use your iphone and start small!!

Have Questions?

If you would like to chat more, ask a question or two, or plan a few months of marketing content, please just click on the button below so that I can reach out. I can’t wait for your session!