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Successful Winter Portraits ~ 6 Easy Tips

December 2, 2021


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Here in Houston, Texas, we’re lucky to have mild winters, which makes outdoor portrait photography a possibility year-round. But winter does present its own special challenges. If you’re planning to get pictures during the cold months, here are some 6 easy tips for successful winter portraits.

Tips for Successful Winter Portraits

Watch the Weather

There’s not much worse than having to smile for the camera while you’re cold, damp, or windblown. So schedule your shoot for a day that’s predicted to be dry and calm so you can have a comfortable experience.

Be Flexible

Of course, even if you’ve scheduled for the perfect day, Mother Nature is unpredictable. And as a professional portrait photographer, I’ve learned it’s better to just work with her! If you can, plan a backup date in case your first choice ends up being stormy.

Plan Ahead

With any photography session, it’s best to have a clear idea in mind of what you want. And that’s even more important when it comes to winter portraits, because in chilly weather your stamina simply isn’t going to last as long. Prioritize the shots you want before you head out so you can snap those first.

Outdoor winter portraits Houston Texas

Use Props and Activities

There’s nothing wrong with simple poses and smiles. But you can also add visual interest by throwing in a few cozy props, like blankets or hot cocoa mugs, to give your winter session the right vibe. Activities like dancing can help you relax in front of the camera and add movement to your pictures. Plus, moving can help keep you warm if it’s a cold day.

Dress in Layers

Particularly here in Texas, it’s best to dress in layers so you can peel off that coat if things warm up, or put on a chunky sweater if the temperature starts to drop. Just make sure that all your layers work together as far as color and style.

Consider an Indoor Location

If it’s all just sounding too complicated to do successful winter portraits outside, you might enjoy an indoor experience better. Photos taken in your home or at a professional photo studio can easily be winter themed–and sometimes a lot more cozy!

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