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A Year Ago…Favorite September Photos

September 15, 2021


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There’s something about the changing seasons that makes me nostalgic. Doesn’t seem to matter what season–I just love looking back and remembering all the best moments. As I was scrolling through past photos this last week I came across some favorite September photos from last year’s sessions and thought I’d share!

newborn asleep on rocking chair

At Home Newborn

Nothing says “Autumn” like a cozy rocking chair! I loved doing this at home newborn photo session last year! Baby was so precious (aren’t they all!) and it’s always such a special experience to be in a client’s home, capturing precious memories in their safe space.

Newborn Lifestyle Photos

I also did a lifestyle newborn photo session last September with the whole family–mom, dad, twin sisters, and pets as well as new baby girl. So much fun!

lifestyle newborn photo session Houston Texas

Whenever I do lifestyle newborn sessions I always try to get some pictures of mom holding her baby. And it’s even better when the other “babies” of the family can join in too! As moms, we’re so often working behind the scenes to keep the family and the household running smoothly. While it’s great to be the one behind the camera (trust me, as a professional photographer I know all about that!) moms deserve to be front and center too. And they definitely deserve to have beautiful pictures of themselves with their precious little ones!

at-home lifestyle photography texas, mom sitting on couch with daughters

Favorite Maternity Photos

Last but not least, I also loved doing this fall sunrise maternity session. Such a sweet couple, and the excitement was palpable as they got ready to welcome their first little one!

sunrise maternity session, couple in woods

Looking back on a few favorite September photos is a reminder to me not just of how much I love the changing seasons, but of how much I love my work! Life is made of memories. It’s so important to slow down and take time to record some of those beautiful moments!

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