...Because I believe that seeing your babies, and your memories, beautifully displayed in print...honestly there is nothing better.

Let me show you what keepsakes are. The middle frame below is my great-great grandmother, holding my great grandmother, in 1912. They wrote their names on the back of the frame in ink. It's still framed, and has been preserved for all of these years. The bottom right is me... vintage 1981 ;). The beautiful thing about framed artwork is that it will last, you won't loose the digital images when your computer is outdated, and you can pass these keepsakes down to your children, and their family. The goal of each and every one of my sessions is to create wall art and keepsake albums that you can pass down to your babies, and their babies. 

As a Mommy to 3 children, I know how fast time goes by. I know that some day you will get out those baby pictures, and keepsake albums, and be so thankful you have them. I can't re-create how sweet they smelled, or how soft they felt to touch, but I can create memories to remember.

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Classic & Timeless

The Lewis Family

" Our album is breathtaking! "

“Oh my goodness! Our album is breathtaking! It’s so beautiful Shannon! Thank you so much! Seeing them in printed is so different... it also gives me a better idea of the ones I want printed for our home.”


Because every picture tells a story...and because digital files and technology won't last forever, Shannon Reece Jones Photography offers a luxury line of artwork that you can display in your home and treasure forever. I am proud to partner with the best vendors in the industry to offer you museum quality wall art, and heirloom albums, so that you can share your family's history for generations to come. And even better, each piece is custom made for you and designed specifically for your baby.

The booking fee begins at 500 and includes your first call with Shannon, as well as your pre-session planning appointment. This is when we plan your artwork goals, hair and makeup and what to wear. We will choose your session date and time, in-person ordering and viewing appointment dates, and you will also have access to all studio wardrobe and props. After your session, Shannon hand edits each image in your gallery. The booking fee does not include any digital images or artwork. After your session, you come back to the studio for your in-person viewing and ordering appointment. There are so many beautiful products in the studio to choose from, pricing is based on what you would like to create. We will chat more about artwork and albums; and all of the pretty things on our first call, and you are always welcome to come to the studio to see everything in person. I will be here to help create, capture, & design your portraits every step of the way. I can't wait to work with you and your family.  

20 Pg. KEepsake Album

20" Fine Art Canvas

THe Family Wall

30" Fine Art Canvas

(4) 14" Framed Portraits

30" FRAMED Canvas

Grandparent Albums

10 Fine Art Prints

(2) 5x7 Framed Fine Art Prints

60" Fine Art Canvas

20" Framed Portrait

25 Announcements

(4) Squares


(5) Image Wood Grouping

60" Wall Portrait

40" Canvas GaLlery Wrap


30 Pg. Keepsake Album

Maternity & Newborn or the 1st year baby plan, chat with Shannon about your vision and where you imagine your pictures in your home. We will create the perfect portraits for you. 

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