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Baby’s Developmental Milestones

Every baby is different & special in their own way; however, it always helps new parents to know what milestones to look for throughout their baby’s development. Below is a simple list of some milestones you can look for as your baby grows.

Baby Toes

Baby’s Developmental Milestones 

Birth to 3 Months:

  • Pushes up on arms while lying on tummy
  • Opens and closes fists
  • Brings hands up to mouth
  • Lifts and holds up head while lying on tummy
  • Tracks a moving object with eyes while lying on back
  • Smiles at voices or sounds
  • Demonstrates interest in faces
  • Makes eye contact
  • Uses different cries for different needs (a hungry cry vs. a tired cry)
  • Turns head toward voices or sounds
  • Makes cooing noises


4 to 6 Months:

  • Sits up using hands for support
  • Rolls over from back to tummy and vice versa
  • Reaches for toys while on tummy
  • Uses both hands to feel toys
  • Brings objects up to mouth
  • More easygoing, not upset at everyday sounds
  • Listens and responds when spoken to
  • Shows reaction to sudden noises
  • Demonstrates interest in food
  • Opens mouth for spoon


7 to 9 Months:

  • Sits up without support
  • Transitions from tummy or back to a sitting position
  • Picks up small objects with fingers and thumb
  • Attempts to crawl
  • Focuses on objects that are nearby and far away
  • Recognizes sound of name
  • Imitates sounds
  • Shows recognition of some words/sounds


10 to 12 Months:

  • Pulls up to stand and uses furniture for support
  • Claps hands
  • Enjoys listening to music
  • Crawls toward objects
  • Speaks one or two words
  • Able to feed self with finger foods
  • Uses gestures and hand movements to communicate wants and needs



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