Black and White Newborn Photography – Houston, TX

Black and White Newborn Session at Home - Houston Galleria

Rainy Days

For a photographer, rainy days can feel stressful and often lead to client cancellations… but for a lifestyle newborn photographer, they can bring about unexpected beauty. This morning, I had a newborn session scheduled in Houston’s Galleria area. Despite the pouring rain, I was excited to meet sweet baby Gemma and knew this would be a beautiful session.

After dropping my kids off at school, the streets started flooding and I was a little worried as I headed to my studio. When I arrived, I loaded my car with my off-camera flash, lighting umbrellas and gear. I added dresses for mom, as well as pretty newborn wraps and headbands for the baby. As I drove to downtown Houston, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for this career that I have… and that I know how to actually use OCF lighting if I need to ;).

Lifestyle Newborn

As soon as I arrived, mom and dad took me upstairs to see the master bedroom and the baby’s nursery. The natural light was beautiful, and the rain actually created a softness from the window light that only added to the beauty of the session. No flashes needed. I could see this image in black and white and checked the back of my camera to confirm. As a lover of black and white newborn photography, the light was perfect. The baby was calm and content, and mom was a natural in front of the camera.

Black and White Newborn Photography

As a photographer, I’ve learned to appreciate the unexpected beauty that can arise from less-than-perfect conditions. Rainy days may not be ideal for outdoor sessions, but they can create a beautiful backdrop for at home newborn sessions. The soft light and muted tones added to the beauty of the session. When I left, I knew that I had captured some truly special moments for this family to cherish forever.

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In the end, it was a beautiful session, made even more special by the rain. As I packed up my gear and drove back to the studio, I couldn’t wait to post this sneak peek. Gemma’s baby nursery was absolutely beautiful, and I’ll post more when this gallery is edited and ready for Mom to see ;).

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Black and White Newborn Photography – Shannon Reece Jones Photography – Houston, TX