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Breastfeeding Checklist: 15 Favorites for Expecting and New Moms in 2023

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Breastfeeding Checklist for Expecting and New Moms

I recently photographed a friend of mine, and while we were chatting; I asked her… “What is popular right now, and what is on your baby list”? Things have changed a lot since I had my babies (my oldest is going into high school and my baby is going into 3rd grade!) And, this is what she sent me… it was all about breastfeeding! I just wanted to share with my new moms all of the things that she loves! Below was her top 15 list!

15 Favorites:

1 – Spectra Pump

Be sure to check with your insurance company before you purchase a breast pump, they may be covered or you may be able to rent one!

2 – Elvie Stride hands free Pump

They didn’t have these when I was a new mom… I’ve had newborn sessions where I didn’t even know the mom was pumping because these can be hidden!

3 – Haakaa Manual Pump

Sometimes you just need a little release, and these can help!

4 – Silverettes for Nipple Care

Be sure to ask your doctor about nipple care, they should even have lactation specialists in the hospital… but these were a favorite.

5 – Earth Mama Nipple Balm

For Mama.

6 – Breast Pads

I had these when my babies were born. The paper, disposable ones always felt itchy and were uncomfortable; I loved these and just threw them in the wash with all of the burp cloths.

7 – The Boppy Pillow

When you are laying in bed or in a rocking chair, these are the best!

&/Or My Best Friend’s Nursing Pillow

this is new but looks amazing!

8 – Breast Milk Storage Bags

Yes and Yes!

9 – Kindred Bravely Nursing Bras

The softer the better.

10 – Nursing Tank Tops

I lived in these the first few weeks home. They are good to layer under nicer shirts when you are out and about with your baby.

11 – Night Light for Night Time Feedings + Sound

This is great to have for a little light in the middle of the night, the sound is soothing for baby as well.

12 – Nursing Cover

When you want to cover up a little – these are the best.

13 – Water Bottle

Most Popular!

14 – Burp Cloths

You will go through these… a few a day!

15 – Nursing Cart

The best idea to stay organized!

I hope that all of this breastfeeding information helps! Thank you to my friend, Randi for all of the helpful information! Here is a pretty maternity picture of her here:

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