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Bringing Home Baby

May 11, 2022


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Bringing Home Baby

The Carlson Family has been a SRJP client since their first baby boy was born. Courtney called me and told me that she had to have the same album that her other two babies had, and when I walked into her house I almost cried… their albums were beautifully displayed on their shelves in the living room with beautiful prints all over their home as well. I made a little instagram reel when I got there because I just had to share:


We started in big brothers’ room, he was super excited about his neatly made bed, and how handsome is he? Next, we moved into baby sister’s room… well, actually the baby’s nursery because she’s getting a new big girl room, and I photographed some beautiful portraits of her as well.

Big Sister and big brother with baby

The Nursery

Mom and Grandma decorated this beautiful baby nursery with this beautiful blue wallpaper. I found a link here for something similar online: NURSERY WALLPAPER.

Baby Nursery

Playing with Grandma

The kids took grandma into their playroom while we were waiting on mom to finish getting ready. Sometimes these are the best times to get candid pictures… the one on the chair is my favorite… that’s one I would frame for sure ;).

Big Brother & Big Sister

Newborn Portrait Session

We ended up downstairs in their beautiful living room for the rest of the newborn session. This family moved into their home in The Woodlands, TX a few years ago, and have truly decorated it perfectly. The wainscoting was a perfect backdrop with their antique settee.

The Woodlands Newborn Session

All Of Mom’s Babies

We started with pictures of big brother and big sister holding their new baby, because those were the most important to mom, and the sweetest thing I ever did see ;).

Big Sister and Baby Brother


Did you spy the cat? lol.. moving on… we had 3 generations there, and got a beautiful family portrait with dad, his mom, and his grandma… that would be the children’s grandmother and great-grandmother. There’s nothing more special.

Grandparents with Baby

Another Break

We took another break with grandma. i’m pretty sure there were snacks involved.

Grandparents with grandkids

Family Portraits

While the little ones were talking a little break, I photographed some of the grandparents individually. It really is so important to have everyone documented during this special event… I always tell my SRJP families, it’s like a wedding… we’re just celebrating a different occasion… the birth of a new baby.

Grandma at Newborn session


It’s funny, dogs and cats are usually pretty good at newborn sessions, and they just want to be in the same room as everyone else and to feel included.. so I always try to get a few pictures of them as well.

Animals at a Newborn Session

Family Keepsakes

Moving on, I captured family portraits of Mom and her Mom (the children’s’ grandmother) as well as Mom and all of her babies.

Mom and Grandma with Baby Mom and Baby Mom and Babies

The Family Portrait

Next, we posed everyone for the “perfect” family portrait… and I always giggle, because that’s not such a thing with a 2 year old and young children. These are the real-life, memories that they will look back on and cherish for the rest of their life. There is nothing perfect about them, except, everything.

baby's first family portrait Grandaparents Dad with Kids

Grandmothers with Baby

Mom and Baby

She really is the most beautiful mom… inside and out.  A Mom’s role at a newborn session is always the most. She is not only getting herself ready, but she’s helping the children, grandparents, Dad, and is typically nursing the baby on and off. Part of my job is to just help however I can; even if it means helping get someone dressed, a diaper changed, or just to chit chat with grandparents. Mom’s dress is linked here: MOM’S DRESS.

New Mom and Baby Big Sister with Baby

The Baby’s Nursery

Next, we moved into the baby’s nursery to capture some special moments of the kids loving on their new baby brother. The rocking chair was perfect next to the window, and I just loved everything about this entire at home newborn session.

The Baby's Nursery Nursery Pictures Newborn Pictures At Home Baby Pictures


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