Fall family photos are very popular right now, so autumn was a very busy season for me. Since photography is my passion, I have no problem with that. It was a pleasure to see so many of my clients over the last few months to get updated family photos. The Bakers were one of those families.

Tiffany (mom) went to the same high school as my husband and I, so we’ve known each other for a long time. When we moved back to the area after college she was our realtor! Since she helped us to find our home, where we have been very happy for several years, I’m happy to use my skills as a family photographer to help her beautify her own home.

Our kids are about the same age, and Tiffany and I have the same order of kids: girl, girl, boy. Her kids are so cute! I loved photographing them as we spent time outside in one of Houston’s many scenic spots. I got some adorable shots of them interacting together.

Their little boy is at the age where he’s not quite sure about pictures–but sometimes that is the cutest age! He wasn’t too sure about giving me smiles, but he was very curious about what I was doing with the camera.

One of the shots I always try to get in an outdoor family session like this is a walking shot from behind. It’s a bit non-traditional, but I like the natural feel of it. It portrays a sense of family togetherness that is quieter than a traditional portrait, but just as powerful. During this one, I loved when their youngest turned around to look at me. What a sweetheart!

We were blessed with a beautiful, sunny evening for these fall family photos. The light was so pretty slanting through the trees. Contrasting light and shadow is a gorgeous element in outdoor photography. This (and the Texas heat) is one of the reasons I hold outdoor sessions in the evening. Evening light is warm and free of glare–perfect for photography in every way! The presence of lots of trees at our location gave me lots of shade to play with as well.

It was truly a pleasure to spend an evening with this sweet family. They were all wonderful about posing for me, and our fall family photos turned out so well.

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