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Favorite Tools for My Photography Business in 2023

February 13, 2023


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Starting or building your photography business this year? Here are some of my favorite tools for my photography business. I highly recommend investing in a few valuable programs and services like these–it will make you a much happier photographer and business owner!

My Favorite Tools for My Photography Business in 2023


Fundy ~ One of the ways you can elevate the experience for clients is to offer tangible artwork like albums and wall art. Fundy is my favorite for designing custom albums.


Pro Select ~ For designing and previewing wall art. This makes it easy for clients to see what their artwork would look like displayed in their home–and just how beautiful it is!

Wall art


Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop ~ We all know that editing is the most time-consuming part of a photography session! Adobe is great for making those photos absolutely picture-perfect.


Nikon ~ I personally love Nikon for camera and lenses.


Tave ~ This is the client management software I use. Clients can book through this program easily and it does a great job keeping track of everything and cutting out a lot of my busy work.


Pic-Time ~ My favorite for client galleries. Clients can watch a slideshow or simply scroll through their images, marking their favorites with a quick click.

favorite tools for my photography business

And More!

Tidy Books ~ Even if you like math, bookkeeping can get complicated very quickly! I love having a program for keeping all those numbers straight! Even better, it’s designed specifically for photographers.


Apple Everything ~ Honestly, I use Apple products constantly! Love my Mac Studio, MacBook Pro, iPhone, and iPad for ordering appointments and slideshows. Definitely recommend using a single brand for all those devices to keep things streamlined.


RedFox Blogging ~ I do some of my own blogging, but really, keeping up with that can feel like a full-time job in itself! With RedFox Blogging, I know that my blog will get updated every week, even if I don’t have time to write.

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