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Goals for Capturing Memories in 2022

January 4, 2022


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At the start of each new year, I love taking a quick trip down memory lane and remembering all the great things that happened last year. As a professional photographer, making and capturing memories is at the top of my priorities list. And I’m always snapping pics, in the studio or out! Whether you’re a photographer or not, I definitely recommend setting some goals for capturing memories in 2022. And here are some quick ideas to inspire you!

family walking in woods, goals for capturing memories in 2022

Take a Photo a Day ~ A lot of times we remember to take pictures of the big things. The birthdays, graduations, and family vacations. But so much happens in between, and those everyday memories deserve to be captured too! Setting a goal to take a photo a day in 2022 can make it a habit, and will be so fun to look back on!

Keep a Journal ~ Digital or pen-and-paper, jotting down a line or two each day can jog your memory at the end of the year and remind you of some of the moments that made it matter.

pink beach, best Houston photographers 2022

Plan to Make Memories ~ It doesn’t have to be huge, like that family vacation to Hawaii. (Although, if that’s on the books this year, have so much fun!!!) Planning to take a nature walk with your kids, get together with friends to learn a new skill, or try some new restaurants with your significant other are all examples of small goals for making and capturing memories in 2022.

Invest in Professional Portraits ~ If you’ve never been to a photography studio, you should treat yourself to the experience! Spend some time searching for photographers in your area, decide on one you like, and book that session! (If you’re in the Houston area, I hope I’ll be seeing you!)

parents holding infant, goals for capturing memories in 2022

Whatever the new year holds for you, I hope you’ll set some goals for capturing memories in 2022. Savor what’s good, learn from what’s hard, and make it your own. It’s all life, and life is beautiful!


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I'm Shannon and I'm so happy you're here. Feel free stay a while and peek around. We can't wait for your session!

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