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Heirloom Albums | Houston, TX Newborn & Family Photographer

March 4, 2019


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Heirloom Albums

Everything You Need To Know About Heirloom Albums, & Why You Will Love Them So.

If you follow me on instagram @shannonreecejonesphotography, you know that I posted this yesterday…

“When hiring a professional photographer, what do you expect them to offer? I expect everything to be in print, and to have options to choose from. Albums, frames, canvas and fine art prints just to name a few. But what about all of the online companies that are DIY and open to the public?! Why not just go with the digital option!? I’m going to share more on my blog this week about my favorite products and how they are different. From the cropping, sharpening & contrast…. to printing, color, paper, sizes, textures, glare, & longevity. A lot goes into product selection. As your photographer, it is my job to have the best quality products to offer my clients. And, I really do. I have ordered so many products as samples over the years, I am proud to offer the best of the best. Hop on my blog this week to more!”

So, Why Fine Art? Why Heirloom Albums?

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Your Baby will Grow Up

And oh so fast. Those tiny toes and sweet smiles will turn into big kids faster than you want them to.

There is nothing sweeter than opening an album and looking back on all of your memories. Sometimes we forget the little details, and albums are a great way to remember everything.

I capture the nursery, your home, you, your family, and all of the love surrounding your family at the time of your session. This will all be documented in your album.


Your Child Will Want to See What They Looked Like As A Baby

Mom to Mom, let me just tell you that my babies (9/7/4 years old now) all love to look at old pictures. We look back at the house they came home to, their grandparents (who have now gone to heaven), their big sister, and what Mommy and Daddy looked like. They love to open their alums and see all of the memories from their past.

I Do It All For You

The “Baby Book” that you say you will make, maybe you will, but I never did. It is a childhood tradition that my own Mom didn’t even keep up with very well. As time goes on, we forget to add to it, and it gets lost in a drawer or cabinet somewhere. An album is a perfect way to keep your memories preserved, but displayed in your home on the coffee table, in the bookshelf by your television, or on a shelf in your baby’s room.  I will design and create your album for you. All you have to do is choose the color scheme and what you want your album to look like.

It’s Meant to Last

It is my job to make sure that your album is truly archival, and meant to last.

I have ordered a number of album samples, and researched all of the professional photography options, and have selected the best of the best for you.

This is a piece of your history, and memories, that you will be able to pass down to your children, and their children.

It is Perfectly Prepared

From fine art archival paper, to the perfect sharpening in post production editing, I will be sure to make your album perfect for the size and style that you create.

Your Style

After your session, we will meet at your ordering appointment. This is when you choose what you love for your home, and create your custom album.

You choose the colors, sizes, and text that will fit perfectly into your home.

Your Family, Everyone is Included.

No matter what type of session that you choose: Maternity, Newborn, or Family, there is an album perfect for you.

I love heirloom albums for extended family sessions as well. You can create one album and then each member of the family will have one to keep in their home.

Booking your Session

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Sometimes a good old – fashioned phone call helps to explain the process a little bit better before you decide to book.

Heirloom Albums

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Heirloom Albums

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Just a little note: family, maternity and newborn sessions do book several months in advance. For newborn sessions, please be sure to contact Shannon while you are pregnant.

Maternity sessions take place between 33-36 weeks. Newborn sessions take place when your baby is 6-12 days old. There are a limited number of sessions each month so please contact me as soon as your can to reserve you date and session time.

Shannon Reece Jones Photography specializes in maternity, newborn baby, and family photography in the greater Houston area.

because every picture tells a story…

…and because digital files and technology won’t last forever, I offer a luxury line of artwork that you can display in your home and treasure forever.

 I am proud to partner with the best vendors in the industry to offer you museum quality wall art, and heirloom albums, so that you can share your family’s history for generations to come.

And even better, each piece is custom made for you and designed specifically for your family.


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