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Houston Senior Portraits – Karleigh’s Session in Old Town Spring

Shannon Reece Jones Photography

Houston Senior Portraits: Capturing Memories in Old Town Spring

As the school year comes to a close, high school seniors around Houston are making plans for their next chapter. For Kayleigh, that next chapter will take her to Auburn University in the fall. But before she leaves for college, she wanted to capture a lasting memory. There is nothing better than wrapping up your  senior year of high school with senior portraits.

The Location

Kayleigh chose Old Town Spring as the backdrop for her senior portraits, and it’s easy to see why. This charming historic district is full of quaint shops, colorful buildings, and picturesque scenery. From the brick streets to the vintage storefronts, Old Town Spring provided the perfect setting for Kayleigh’s photoshoot.

The Hat Shop

There was even a cute hat store next-door and Mom popped into grab this pretty brown accessory.


As we walked around Old Town Spring, Kayleigh posed in a variety of outfits, showcasing her fun style and cute personality. From a casual white dress  to a neon pink jumper, Kayleigh’s outfits were a reflection of her fun-loving spirit and her excitement for the future.

But it wasn’t just the location and the outfits that made Kayleigh’s senior portraits special. It was the joy and enthusiasm that she brought to the shoot. Despite the heat and humidity (and hoping that the rain would wait one more hour… it did thankfully) Kayleigh was all smiles throughout the session.

Off to College

As Kayleigh prepares to leave for Auburn in the fall, she can look back on her senior portraits as a reminder of the fun and excitement of her high school year. Mom… family and friends will cherish these photos as a lasting memory of this special time in her life.

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If you’re a high school senior in Houston, consider capturing your own memories with senior portraits in Old Town Spring or another beautiful location. Your senior year only comes once, so make it a time to remember with stunning photos that will last a lifetime.