Who Are Houston’s Best Newborn Photographers?

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Houston is a huge, wonderful and diverse city full of talent, artists, and amazing photographers. Shannon Reece Jones Photography is proud to be voted one of Houstons Best Newborn Photographers.

Expertise is always so gracious. I’m thankful to have been ranked one of Houston’s Best Newborn Photographers for almost a decade.

Who do you choose for your newborn photographer?

There are so many of us, I wanted to share some important things to look for when choosing your newborn photographer.

1 – Do you LOVE their Portfolio?

These images are going to be hanging in your home, and looked back on for years to come, so you want to make sure you find someone with a style that you love! For example, my style is less posed, more natural, and full of love.

Some photographers don’t use much color, have everyone wearing all white, and use muted tones. There is no right or wrong way to create a portfolio, that’s the amazing thing about art! You just have to choose what style you are most drawn to.

2- Do you LOVE their Posing?

When you are looking at their portfolio, also peek into their instagram  page and see what type of posing they do.

If you want to include mom, dad, grandparents, and siblings, be sure to find a photographer (like me!) who includes the entire family as well as posed and lifestyle portraits.

3 – Where do you want your session to be located?

In the photography world, we call sessions studio sessions or lifestyle sessions. Lifestyle sessions are basically just more natural, less posed, and showcase your life as it is right now.

What is lifestyle newborn? Lifestyle sessions are typically held at home, and include images where mom and dad are holding the baby near a window & the baby’s nursery. The photographer usually uses natural light and will more than likely have your session in the morning for that pretty natural light.

4 – Where do You Live?

And last but not least, you need to consider where you live, and if you are willing to travel with a newborn baby, or if you need someone to come to you.

I give my clients both options, so they can have the best option for their baby.

Next, It’s Time To Contact your Photographer

When you reach out, be sure to set up a time to chat with your photographer. Look for someone that is a good fit for your baby, and that they are someone that your family feels comfortable with.

Be sure that you can get on their calendar 10-14 days after your due date. Be sure that they offer the artwork options that you want to display your images in for years to come!

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