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How to Create a Pretty (and Effective) Photography Website

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Hello, my sweet photographer friends. Thanks for stopping by the blog! I know most of my posts right now are oriented towards the families I serve, but I love teaching other photographers how to go from pretty to profitable as well! Hopefully you find inspiration for your own business in my client-oriented posts as well, but today I wanted to share a little something especially for you about how to create a pretty (and effective) photography website.

The Pretty Face of Your Business

Creating an online presence can feel intimidating, I know. Since, as a photographer, you probably think in pictures, the easy part is often the visual design and choosing which pretty pictures to show. And this is important! You want a beautiful website that will attract clients. Remember, what you show is what you will attract, so choose images that reflect what you want to photograph. I use Showit for the face of my business–it’s designed specifically for photographers and I love it!

how to create a pretty (and effective) photography website

Behind the Scenes

But in order to make your photography website effective as well, you’ll also need to recruit the power of SEO and blogging.

I currently use WordPress as my blogging platform. This comes with some plugins (like a complimentary version of Yoast SEO) that I find really useful to make sure my blog is likely to perform well. And blogging is one of the best ways to show up on Google and make it easier for clients to find you.

I’ve found that blogging a couple of times each week has consistently helped me to rank higher in SEO. And it can help you too! Don’t feel intimidated by this. You don’t have to write long, complicated blog posts. Just focus on your keywords and helping your clients.

I do some of my own blogging, but honestly, twice a week can feel a little ambitious sometimes. I use RedFox Blogging to ensure that I always have at least one new post on the blog each week, even if I don’t have time to write it.

Remember, even though SEO and blogging can feel scary at first, they are there to help you succeed.

I’m right in the middle of building a new website right now and can’t wait to show you! Until then, be sure to explore my other resources for photographers, join the SRJP newsletter for tips and more, and follow me on Instagram.

Lots of Love!