As a mama, I love spending time with my littles. Those moments are precious. I’m guessing you feel the same. But we also know that, while our children’s needs come first, there are also other needs to be met. Maybe like me, you own your own business and need to devote time to it. Perhaps your maternity leave is fast running out and you’ll be headed back to the office soon. Or maybe motherhood is just feeling a little overwhelming right now and you really need an extra pair of hands or some me time. (No judgment here, we have all been there!)

Regardless of the reason, getting some childcare help is a must for most mamas. But how to find that perfect nanny? What steps should you take to ensure that your babies are in safe and loving hands even when you can’t be there?

how to find the perfect nanny near houston tx

Do Some Exploring

First, start your search for the perfect sitter with some basic exploration. Ask family members and friends for recommendations. Or hop onto Google and search for “nannies near me” or “Houston nannies” and see if there are promising leads. You can also join a local Facebook group, like this one, to get recommendations from other moms in your area.

If you prefer to have someone else do the initial vetting, try a nanny placement agency. Nannies of The Woodlands is a great place for Houston moms to start looking. If you’re looking for a college-educated nanny with a more specialized skillset, try The Nanny League.

Determine Your Family’s Needs

In order to find the perfect nanny for your family, it’s important to have a clear idea of what your needs are. Keep in mind that kiddos grow fast. And ideally you want to have the same nanny throughout their growing up years. While someone warm and nurturing is perfect, particularly for very young babies, you also want someone who can teach your child skills, discipline them when needed, and get along well with all members of the family. Before you draft your job description or reach out to an agency, make sure you have a clear idea of what you need so that you can more easily find your perfect match.

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Interview Possible Candidates

Once you have three or four names, it’s time to narrow it down to find the nanny who’s the perfect fit for you and your little ones. Questions about their previous experience are great, as are questions that ensure that you’re both on the same page (for example, how long do they seem themselves being a nanny?). You’ll also want to ask questions that help you to get a feel for their personality and if they are likely to fit well with your family. What kinds of activities do they enjoy doing with children? What’s their approach to discipline?

As well as a formal interview, you might also like to set up a time when they can meet and interact with your little one. This gives you the chance to see them in action and observe whether your child responds well to them.

Mother kissing newborn baby

Hiring Your Perfect Nanny

Have you found the perfect fit? If you’ve found them through a placement agency and they are already vetted, the agency will generally walk you through the process of drawing up a contract. If your nanny is someone you found elsewhere and hasn’t had, it’s a good idea to run a background check before drawing up the paperwork.

While finding the perfect nanny isn’t always easy, it’s so important to both your own and your child’s well-being that you have a trusted childcare provider. Doing the work early to find the right fit and create a great working relationship is something that will make your mothering journey happier and more successful as you balance the many demands of Houston mom life!