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How to Help Siblings Enjoy a Newborn Photoshoot

November 30, 2021


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As a newborn photographer, my work is about more than just babies. It’s about the whole family! And yes, that means I’ve seen it all and I know it can be tricky for some kids to accept a new little one. Is this your situation? If you’re worried about how big brother or sister will do during newborn pictures, I’ve got you covered! Here are four ideas on how to help siblings enjoy a newborn photoshoot. And if you need more, just get in touch–that’s what I’m here for!

how to help siblings enjoy a newborn photoshoot

Give Siblings a Job They Enjoy

Kiddos can sometimes feel left out when a new baby arrives. Giving them a job to do during the photoshoot can make them feel important and special. It helps if you talk about their job beforehand and get them excited about it. Maybe their job is to sing to baby whenever they start getting fussy. Maybe they can be in charge of getting things out of the diaper bag when you need them. Older siblings could even be in charge of younger siblings while mom and dad are in front of the camera. If they need extra incentive, you could even promise a small treat or surprise for being helpful during the photoshoot.

sibling photos, brother lying on bed with baby sister

Include Toys and Snacks

Toddlers have short attention spans, and being prepared is the best way to avoid a meltdown! If your newborn photoshoot is at the studio, feel free to bring along some favorite toys or snacks to keep your older kiddo(s) occupied. If we’re doing a lifestyle session in your home, a special new toy or treat could provide a fun distraction.

Get Them Excited

Most kids love seeing pictures of themselves! What about showing them a few pics of other siblings and newborns on Facebook or Instagram and letting them know you can’t wait to have some special photos featuring them. If they have a silly face or pose they want to do, all the better!

Take a Break During the Newborn Photoshoot

Oftentimes I’ll do sibling images early in the session so they can check out if needed. But if that isn’t possible, or if big brother or sister has to stick around for the whole session, don’t be afraid to take a break! I take breaks all the time for feeding or changing baby, and we can definitely do the same for anyone else who needs it. Sometimes all a kiddo needs is a quick cuddle, story, or game to get them back in the mood to pose for the camera.

Houston TX newborn and family photographer, parents on bed with toddler and infant

Still unsure? Feel free to let me know any concerns you have during your pre-session consultation. I’m happy to help you brainstorm ideas on how to help siblings enjoy a newborn photoshoot. And if things come up during the session, no worries! We’re in this together, and we’ll be able to come up with some creative ways for everyone in the family to have a great photo experience!


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