Are you nervous about your senior portraits? Don’t be! I love helping graduating seniors capture this special milestone–and I want to make it a fun and memorable experience for you. Trust me, you’ll have a great time! And it will be even better if you follow these tips and tricks to help you look and feel your best for senior portraits.

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Plan Ahead

Our pre-session consultation will take care of a lot of this. We’ll figure out what outfits you want to wear and what your style is like. We’ll talk about whether you’d prefer a studio or outdoor experience for your senior pics. Knowing what to expect ahead of time and having a clear plan for what to bring and wear will make your experience much more relaxing and enjoyable.



Posing and smiling for the camera may or may not be your thing. You can get more comfortable with it if you try out poses and facial expressions in front of a mirror to figure out what you like best. And don’t worry! I’ll be there to help you look and feel your best for senior portraits every step of the way. I’ll guide you through poses and show you exactly what to do so that your photos turn out beautifully!


Relax and Breathe

If you’re camera-shy, you might hold your breath while posing without even realizing you’re doing it. Remind yourself to relax. Take a deep breath if you’re feeling tense, and then let it out slowly while you smile or pose. Go ahead–try this out in the mirror. It might feel a little silly, but relaxing yourself through your breath can go a long way to helping you feel and look more natural in your senior pictures.


Pamper Yourself

Feel free to do your nails, take a soak, spritz on a little cologne–whatever it takes to make you feel your best. We can take care of makeup and hair styling at the studio, but if you’re planning to get a haircut before your session photo session, do it several days in advance to avoid the just-cut look and get comfortable with it beforehand.


Play to Your Strengths

What’s something you’re good at? Something that boosts your confidence in yourself? Let’s find a way to incorporate that into your senior photos. Taking photos in a favorite spot, using props that highlight your interests and hobbies, or including people or pets that make you feel good about yourself are all fantastic ways to help you look and feel your best for senior portraits.

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Positive Self-Talk

Graduating is a major achievement, and you deserve to feel good about it–and yourself! Before your session, give yourself a boost by telling yourself how smart, good-looking, confident, and amazing you are. I believe every word of it–and when you see your finished senior portraits, you will too!



Be sure to contact Shannon for more information about your senior photography session! You can enter your information and I will be in touch shortly. Please note that there are a limited number of sessions each month, and I recommend booking several months in advance if you’re wanting pictures for graduation announcements, so get in touch  as soon as possible to reserve your date and session time.

All meetings and sessions are private and by appointment only.

Questions? I’m happy to help! Feel free to give me a call–I’d love to chat with you.