Newborn Baby Photography

Newborn Baby Photography with Shannon Reece Jones Photography is a special gift not only for you, but for your entire family as well. Mom, Dad, grandparents and siblings are all welcome to be a part of your newborn session. Below is some helpful information about Shannon Reece Jones Photography.

Newborn Photography

Who is Shannon Reece Jones Photography?

Hi & welcome to SRJP! I am a full service family photographer located in the greater Houston area. I photography newborn baby photography as well as family photography (including high school seniors.) SRJP is proud to work with families that value photography. Every client should hold prints, place pictures in frames around their home, and to hang their portraits on their walls. These are your forever memories and I’m so thankful that I get to capture these moments for you.

What does your business mean to you?

My business is my passion, it is a gift, and I truly believe that this is the talent that I have been given to share with you. I am here to capture love, to capture joy, and to make you feel something from these images. I want this experience to leave you with memories that your children grow up seeing every day. These are the images that your grandchildren will come over and ask about, and these are the images that they will pass down to their children.

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What do you love most about being a photographer?

I love being a photographer for so many reasons. First of all I get to work with sweet families. We get to cuddle with newborn babies and capture those sweet tiny details like their eyelashes and tiny toes. Expecting mothers who are truly beautiful, they are glowing, and they just want to remember every second of their pregnancy and newborn baby. I photograph families with children, couples, and even extended families with a number of grandchildren. I work with other entrepreneurs who need portraits for their website and marketing as well as adults who just want a pretty picture made of them because it has just been too long since they had their last one taken. But the thing that I love the most about being a photographer is seeing your portraits delivered in print. There is something so special about having your pictures printed, and not only in albums, but printed large, and hanging on your walls. They are statement pieces, wall art, family heirlooms and lifetime memories. 

Why did you start Shannon Jones Photography?

I started my business, because it has always been with me, since I was a little girl. Looking back, I remember being at my grandparents house and walking through the hallway looking at family pictures. We wanted to know more about the picture, and about the history. I love old photographs, especially in black in white, and I love the stores that go with each photograph. I want my children to have those stories, those memories, and I want my clients to have those too. 

My style

My photography stye is classic, forever, and real. If you have peeked into my portfolio you can see that I gravitate towards neutral colors and I try to stay classic and timeless.  I LOVE black and white images and they are always incorporated into your gallery. My photography typically has a lot of light and always shows the true emotions that my clients are experiencing. I like more candid sessions, where we just do what is most comfortable for you. We don’t force anything that might be uncomfortable or too posed. I love lifestyle photography as well as beautiful, classic portraits. I don’t have a standard checklist that I follow during a session, I just let the session unfold naturally to get the most true and authentic representation of you and your family. 

Baby Girl


For newborn baby photography sessions, I make sure that your baby’s safety is always in mind and I want you to know that I will never force a pose or a prop that your baby doesn’t feel comfortable in. Newborn sessions can take anywhere from 2-3 hours, and the age of the baby depends on the type of session you choose. A lifestyle session is a session at your home. Lifestyle sessions are my favorite because they document where you are right now in your life. Your home, the baby’s nursery, your other children, and even your animals can be a part of a lifestyle session. The baby can be up to a month old I will come to capture all of the love in your home. 


Studio sessions are a little different, they are a little more posed, but they are still my style and full of love. The baby does need to be scheduled within the first 2 weeks and I will make sure to get all of those tiny details like flaky skin and newborn hair as well as cute newborn wraps, headbands and tiny outfits.  And the best part, you will have these memories all bundled up in your album or keepsake box to remember forever.

Has this business brought you meaning?

This business has brought meaning to me in so many ways. The best part for me is working with my sweet clients and the relationship that is formed during this experience.  I got a note the other day from a client and I just have to share this, it says, “Oh my goodness! Our album is breathtaking! It’s so beautiful Shannon! thank you so much! Seeing them in print is so different! It also gives me a better idea of the ones I want printed for the house.”  That says it all to me and makes me know that I did my job well.

What are the different products you offer clients?

After each session my clients get to meet with me at my studio where I show them the best products for them. I offer fine art prints, custom framing, heirloom albums, museum quality canvas gallery wraps, and even gifts for family and friends. There are so many beautiful choices that I really need to get to know each and every client, what their home looks like, what their style is, and what their goals of their session are so that I can present the best options for them. 

Newborn Baby Photography

As a Mommy to three babies, I know how fast time goes by. I remember being so pregnant that I couldn’t tie my own shoes, and I remember how tired I was during the first few weeks after they were born.  I know that you are so busy with work, and life, and everything in between, but I also know that tiny toes and sweet smiles turn into big kids faster than you want them to. Don’t wait to have your family’s pictures taken. I’ve had clients say I just need to loose ten pounds, or I need to wait until the fall, or I need to wait until my husband can get off work for a few days. Don’t wait, schedule your session, I’ll work with you and your family and we will make sure we choose a time and location that works best for everyone. Let me capture your forever memories, I can’t wait for your session.

Newborn with family

Lifestyle & Studio Sessions

Newborn babies are a miracle. They are beautiful, unique and each detail is perfect. Flaky skin, long eyelashes, and red feet are all details I capture in your photographs. Babies want to be warm, held, and fed. They know their mommy’s smell and they want to feel safe. As your newborn photographer, my job is to capture this precious time, and to help you remember the tiny details that will grow into ponytails and big-kid shoes faster than you can imagine.

Your Pictures

Each newborn session flows uniquely, to meet your baby’s needs. I use my time to create images that are comfortable for you and your baby. I never force a pose, or create an image without your baby’s safety in mind. My goal is to capture timeless details that you can treasure and share with your family for years to come. I offer lifestyle sessions (at your home) and portrait newborn photography (at my studio) in The Woodlands, TX.

And…the first time that  you see your heirloom album and large framed prints or canvas… is the most exciting part!

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