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Newborn Care Tips and Tricks: From that first blue line, to the first heartbeat, everything during pregnancy is so exciting! You buy What to Expect When you are Expecting; read all of the best baby books, buy the cutest maternity outfits, register for all thing baby, and plan the perfect baby shower. You style your nursery, pack your hospital bag, have your perfect baby, and then you get home.

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Now what do I do?

That’s how I felt when I got home with my first baby. I had no idea what to do, I was scared I was going to do everything wrong, and I needed help. Below are some tips and tricks that I used, and hope they help in your first few weeks home with newborn care…

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Newborn Care Tips

1. Call Your People

This may sound super obvious, but ASK for HELP! This is one of the best tools that you have. Experienced moms know everything. They know things that no one told you while you were pregnant, because they didn’t want to scare you as you prepare for those first few weeks of motherhood. They know that you are sore from breast-feeding, and that you are so sleep deprived that you don’t even know what day it is.

Experienced moms know that you haven’t made a meal for yourself in days and that you have a headache from caffeine withdrawal. They know that you need a meal, a hug, a laugh, and a friend. They know which bottles to use, which pump to buy, the best nursing tank tops, how to soothe your baby when they cry, what different cries mean, and how to just listen when you need a good cry …and this is so very normal so don’t think there is anything wrong with you – thank hormones ;). Call your Mom, call your friends, and ask for help.

2. Bathing

Don’t be afraid to give your baby their first bath when they come home from the hospital. If you have newborn care questions, ask your nurse before you leave, but babies usually love the warm water. It soothes them, helps them to have a little awake time so you can see their pretty eyes, and makes them smell extra yummy. You can always find helpful tips on websites like The Bump and Johnson and Johnson. 

3. Breastfeeding

This is a job that no new mom can prepare for until your newborn baby is in your arms. Breastfeeding takes commitment, time, effort, tears and love. Most hospitals or birthing centers are really good about mom and baby bonding in the first few moments of life, and a lot of times they will put your baby right up on your chest after delivery. Babies know what to do, and somehow, you will too. It’s a natural instinct that you will both get better with along the way.

Sometimes things happen and breastfeeding isn’t so easy. My oldest baby was rushed to the NICU right after my emergency c-section and I didn’t get to have that bonding time with her. She was bottle fed in there her first few days of life, and we had a really rough start. But thanks to the lactation consultant, nurses, and the pediatrician, we got there, it just took a little longer than normal.

And the best tip… don’t compare yourself to other moms. You have to make the best decision for you, your baby, and your body. If formula is the route that you feel like you need to go; don’t feel guilty, you and your doctor will choose the best one for your sweet baby.

4. Sleep

Oh sleep, goodbye (for a while.) You can read all of the baby books, try to start a schedule immediately, and say that you are going to have the best sleeper, but baby will do what baby wants to do. So just take everything with a grain of salt and prepare for lack of sleep in the first few weeks, and just enjoying that middle of the night bonding time. My 11 year old just slept in until 10:00 am, so I promise you will get there. Just have patience, helpers and try to take naps during the day if you can. As your baby grows, their tummy will too, and they will sleep longer stretches each and every week.


They say time heals all wounds, so remember that as your body heals from your delivery. You will start feeling more like yourself a few weeks after you get home, and you will start to find a routine that works well for you, your family, and your baby. Don’t forget to take care of yourself during this time of healing, eat healthy food, take little walks outside, call your mom or a friends, get extra hugs from your family, and know that these tiny toes and sweet smiles will turn into big kids faster than you want them to.

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