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Newborn Photography Style

newborn photography style

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Newborn Photography style. From the convenience of your home, to the ease of a studio, there are a few different options for your newborn session. Shannon will help you choose the best location for you, your baby, and your family.

newborn studio sessions

The perfect age for a studio newborn session is between 5-12 days new. This is when babies are still itty bitty, newborn posing flows easily, and your baby will most likely sleep through the entire session.

After 2 weeks old, most babies go through a growth spurt and they start to stay awake for longer time periods. They also become more vocal and wiggly the older they are, which is why a newborn session really is when they are still brand new.

Studio sessions are perfect for new moms with one baby, or even twins! You will be able to enjoy having your hair and makeup done while Shannon takes pictures of your baby while you get ready. We will create a session full of memories of your new family and you won’t have to worry about making beds, and cleaning up the house for everyone to see.

Most clients book their newborn session when they are about 5-6 months pregnant to ensure that they have a spot when baby arrives. Because we never know exactly when baby will come, Shannon only books a limited number of newborns per month to ensure extra time for re-sechuduling. Some babies come early, and others wait a little longer than their due date, and that’s just fine. If you are late to scheduling your appointment and already have your baby, that’s ok too! We occasionally have an extra last minute opening (due to schedule changes) or we can photograph you at home for a lifestyle newborn session.

lifestyle photography

Lifestyle photography tells a story. This is one of my favorite types of photography, as it captures you in your home, with your family. What I love the most about a newborn lifestyle session is that you don’t have to leave your home. As a Mommy to 3 babies, trust me, this is the best option for you if this is not your first baby and you have other littles at home.

Lifestyle newborn babies can be a little older, as the baby won’t be posed, ¬†just loved on by your family. I capture you and your family in a natural way. The session is all about your connection and love. This is also the perfect way to have memories of your baby’s first home, their nursery, and even your pets (they are always welcome to be part of your lifestyle session.)

Prior to your sessoin, my hair and makeup artist will come to your home to get you ready. You can feed your baby, eat breakfast, and not have to worry about packing up all of your things to go on one of your first outings with baby (other than the Dr.) It really is overwhelming those first few weeks home, so my job is to make this process simple, and easy for you and your baby. Even better, I have studio outfits that I provide for you and baby if you need help with what to wear.

Another advantage of newborn sessions at your home are the walls. I can measure while I am there, you can show me what walls your would like images on, and I will be sure to photograph your family in a way that will look perfect for the space that you want to decorate.

Newborn Photography Style | Shannon Reece Jones

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