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Newborn Photos with Siblings

August 31, 2021


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If you’re expecting a new addition to the family and already have little ones, you may have wondered about doing newborn photos with siblings. Including other family members in a newborn photo shoot is so much fun, and I am all for it! There are some special considerations for this type of session, so as you plan, make sure you think about:

Ages of Siblings

Many newborns have older siblings who aren’t much more than babies themselves. Newborn safety is one of my top priorities as I work with your little one, and I always want to make sure that interaction between baby and older kiddos is totally safe. If big brother or sister isn’t quite old enough to hold baby safely, we can still create beautiful composite images. (The magic of editing technology–gotta love it!) We can also pose young siblings in such a way that we capture a kiss or a cuddle when brother or sister is right next to baby, but not actually holding them. Of course, if siblings are quite a bit older than the new arrival, we can do tons of different poses!

newborn photos with older siblings, Houston Texas newborn and child photographer


Number of Siblings

Every baby is precious, whether they’re the first or the tenth. But the number of children in your family may influence the types of newborn photos with siblings you choose to do. Do you want individual portraits of each child with the new baby? Or group shots? Maybe a few of both! The good news is that your pictures will be beautiful regardless of the number of people in them–because each of those people makes up part of your unique and amazing family!

newborn and sibling photos, sisters holding new baby girl


Sibling Personalities

Personality can play a big part in the types of photos you get. Some kids love being photographed and are happy to work the camera, while others take some coaxing. And it’s not just the camera–sometimes young children in particular have a hard time adjusting to the new little stranger in the house. Not to worry–as someone who’s been photographing newborns and children for years, I’ll make sure your session is a great experience for everyone–and results in absolutely stunning artwork.

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