I had a wonderful family portrait session recently with the Nance family. They have a special place in my heart as they were one of the first families we met when we moved to this area. As someone who has moved around a lot, I can say that it is people like this who truly make a place feel like home.

This amazing couple and their three beautiful daughters have been huge supporters of my photography work from the very beginning, before I had a studio, or a business, or even a portfolio to speak of. In fact, they used to model for me when I was working on building my portfolio. Since I was a budding photographer trying to make a name for myself, it was one of the best gifts they could have given me!

The Nance girls are about the same age as my own children, which is maybe another reason we’ve become such good friends. The girls are so sweet and absolutely gorgeous! I think the oldest in particular looks a lot like her mom.

Being outside seems to bring out the kid in everyone. We did some posing, of course, and got some family portrait style shots of everyone together, but it was also a pleasure to watch the girls run and play. Because of the freedom of being outside, I was able to capture some precious moments with the three of them. Outdoor photography is perfect for recording some truly natural moments.

It was such a beautiful day for photos. One of the things I love about Texas is the sunshine. Even when the weather starts to get cooler, the sun is still out, highlighting the turning leaves and autumn foliage. The light was perfect on this particular afternoon, and as a result our photos have a warm, relaxed feel.

Although clients are always welcome to use my studio wardrobe, children are sometimes most comfortable in their own clothes. This is completely fine, and I encourage families who are wondering what to wear to focus on coordinating their outfits rather than matching them. This family chose a white and navy blue combination that worked for everyone and still allowed their youngest the flexibility to wear a favorite patterned skirt.

I’m delighted I had the chance to do this family portrait photography session for this wonderful group that I’ve worked with for so long. Enjoying a beautiful day with good friends and a camera in my hand—what could be better?

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