bouquets of flowers decorate antique wheels for summer in the studio

Summer in the Studio | Sunset Sessions and More from Your Houston, TX Photographer

Shannon Reece Jones Photography

Happy Summer! The days are getting longer, culminating with the summer solstice later this month, and I am so excited for everything going on at the studio! Whether this summer marks vacation time for your family, or longer days just mean more to pack into them, I hope we’ll be capturing some of these sun-kissed memories together.

bouquets of flowers decorate antique wheels for summer in the studio


Sunset Family Sessions

Longer days mean even more flexibility when it comes to scheduling sunset sessions. There is nothing prettier than the golden hour for family portraits, and I am so looking forward to the magic! Fall may get all the love for family portraits, but if you want to stress less this holiday season you might think about booking your family session earlier this year.

Family Sessions for Summer in the Studio

I know summers in Texas can get very hot, so if you prefer an indoor location for your summer family session we have some lovely options. You are always welcome at the studio, and I know plenty of beautiful venues in the Houston area that we can rent if you’re looking for something a little different.


Last month brought so many babies to the studio, so this June I’ll be working on all those sweet galleries, making albums and designing pretty wall portraits. Printed artwork is always my favorite part of every session!

Photography Mentoring

And for my sweet photographer friends, I am still providing photography mentoring and education services, so please reach out if you want to use this summer to grow your business!

Keep In Touch

I hope I’ll be seeing you in the studio in the coming weeks, but if not, please do keep in touch. I would love to hear how you are and see pictures of your babies as they grow!

Wishing you and your family a wonderful, fun-filled summer!

Lots of Love,