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The Best Ages to Have Your Child Photographed

January 11, 2022


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As a mom, I know every age is a great one for pictures! But as a professional family photographer, I’ve also learned that there are some prime times you definitely want to capture. Since professional photography is an investment, it makes sense to learn when the best ages to have your child photographed are. While there’s no wrong answer, and you’ll never regret pictures of your little ones, here are some of the most popular ages for child photography.


There is nothing like that brand new baby stage! All the details of tiny toes, chubby cheeks, and duck fluff hair are the cutest thing ever! And babies change so fast! You’ll definitely want to capture this stage. Newborn posing is an art that has to be learned in order to be done safely, so I highly recommend a professional for these pictures. The best time for newborn photos is usually when baby is under 2 weeks old, so book early!

Newborn Session At Home

best newborn photographers near me Houston


Sitter sessions are done sometime in baby’s first year, usually around 6 to 9 months. Baby is still little, but they’re growing fast! This is one of the best ages to have your child photographed because they can sit up on their own, smile, and interact more with the world around them. You’ll love having pictures of them in all their chubby, gummy-grinned cuteness!

best ages to have your child photographed, baby boy next to bench at 6 month session

best ages to have your child photographed, baby girl sitting in Houston TX photo studio


Toddler photo sessions can be challenging, but they’re so worth it! This is when your kiddo’s personality is really starting to blossom. They’re learning to do all kinds of things on their own–and they’re so curious about everything! Choose a photographer who’s patient and has a proven track record with this age group–but definitely invest in those pictures!

best ages to have your child photographed, Houston child photographer, little girl in white dress looking up at camera

brother hugging little sister in professional photo studio The Woodlands, Texas


Yes, you’ll get an annual yearbook photo. But are those really the only professional photos you want of your child from age 5 to 18? Some of the best ages to have your child photographed during their school career are near the beginning of elementary, middle, and high school. And of course, you’ll want to finish up with a graduation shoot before they head off to college!

big sister kissing brother on the cheek in field

high school senior portraits, photo of young man leaning on fence and laughing

Whenever you choose to have your child professionally photographed, mamas, take lots of pictures of your babies all the time! Even if you don’t feel like you’re good at it, even if all you have is the built-in camera on your cell phone, you’ll always be glad you captured those memories of your kids. They’re only this age once.


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