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The Texas Heat – A Morning Maternity Session

July 9, 2022


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Morning Maternity Sessions in the Texas Heat

Morning maternity sessions & a few tips and tricks to help plan ahead:

Morning Maternity Sessions - Houston Photographer Shannon Reece Jones

Once upon a time, I was pregnant… on the 4th of July…in Texas. I remember crying while I watched fireworks because I was 40 weeks, HOT, and just wanted to have my baby.

As a pregnant mom, there is nothing as special as being the one that keeps, feeds, loves, and nurtures your growing baby. But there are some things that we need to remember to keep mom safe and healthy as well.

The Weather 

If you live in the South, you know that summer is HOT. As beautiful as outdoor maternity portraits are, it is very important that you make sure that you schedule your session as early as possible, right after the sun-rise, so that you can be in the shade, and avoid the heat of the day. Morning maternity sessions are also great if you would like to include fur-babies as well.

Your Maternity Dress

As beautiful as maternity gowns are, if you have a summer maternity photography session, you need to make sure that you dress for the weather. Long sleeves and thick fabrics should be avoided for outdoor maternity sessions. If you do want to wear thicker gowns, indoor maternity sessions always make a beautiful alternative to the morning maternity session.

Your Shoes

Another thing to think about is your feet. Expecting moms tend to have some extra swelling, especially in their feet, so be sure to wear shoes, or sandals that won’t make you feel uncomfortable. Light sandals or a cute wedge are always a great choice (as long as they are sized correctly and don’t squeeze your feet.)

Water & Snacks

And last but not least, be sure to bring some water, a few snacks, or anything that you can sit down and enjoy if you need a little break. Don’t forget to bring water for your fur-babies too if you are bringing them to the park as well.

Contact Shannon

If you are expecting (Congratualtions) and would like more information about a morning maternity session with Shannon Reece Jones Photography, be sure to reach out to Shannon for more information. We would love to work with you during this special season of your life! CLICK HERE!


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