Holidays are a natural time for families to get together, and there’s no bigger draw than a new baby! If grandparents or other family members will be traveling to your home this Christmas, don’t miss these tips for hosting the holidays in Houston with a newborn.

Tips for hosting the holidays in Houston with a newborn

Plan Around Baby’s Schedule

If you already have a routine with your little one, plan meals and other activities for times when you’ll be able to enjoy them (in other words, not feeding time!)

Schedule Time Alone If You Think You’ll Need It

For some new moms, the idea of a houseful of guests feels overwhelming. If you think you might need some alone time, schedule it! We’re lucky in Houston to enjoy nice weather even in December. So organize a fun away-from-home activity for everyone to enjoy while you get an hour or two to yourself.

Mother smiling and kissing newborn baby's feet in Houston studio

Prepare Ahead of Time

Food seems to be what stresses a hostess out the most, so do your grocery shopping and meal planning ahead of time. You can even have your groceries delivered a day before guests arrive, to make it even simpler. Having a meal plan and everything you need will also make it easy for grandma or auntie to step in and help with food prep if you need to take care of baby.

Don’t Be Afraid to Delegate

Speaking of others stepping in to help, don’t be afraid to delegate! Chances are, most of your guests will be happy to hold baby or help out in other ways if you need it.

Keep Things as Relaxed as Possible

Finally, while it’s great to have a plan, make sure that you also plan for the unexpected. Recognizing that not everything will work out exactly according to schedule can help you to be flexible and enjoy this time with family and friends, even if some things don’t happen the way you envisioned.

More Tips for Houston Hosting and Travel with a Newborn

Need a few more tips for hosting the holidays in Houston with a newborn? We have more for you here. And if you and your new little bundle will be the ones traveling, be sure to check out our tips for holiday travel with baby. Whether you venture out or stay cozy at home, please know that we are sending warmest wishes for a merry and bright first holiday season with your little one!