Running a successful photography business is about more than selling pretty pictures. It’s also about relationships. If you are a newborn or family photographer, this is probably one of the things that drew you to your photography niche in the first place. As a business owner and photographer, you also want to develop a strong relationship with your clients. And one of the simplest ways to do that–and help your business–is by identifying and addressing client pain points.
Here’s how you do that:

Who Are Your Clients?

First, identify your client. Who do you work with most of the time?
For me, the answer is: moms!

What Are Their Pain Points?

Next, do a little detective work and figure out what your clients pain points are. Pain points are simply problems your clients have. Things they struggle with. So you need to ask yourself, “What do my clients need the most help with?”
I know from both personal experience (after all, I am a mom!) and from listening to and observing my clients, that busy new mamas want pictures of their littles. But the details of doing their hair and makeup, deciding what to wear, and shopping for outfits for both themselves and their child(ren) can become an obstacle.

How Can You Help?

Now that you know your clients pain points, it’s time to determine how you can help.
To address my clients’ paint points, I offer professional hair and makeup services, as well as a client closet. I have props for newborn babies and even some cute little toddler outfits as well. There is no need for my new moms to go out and buy anything unless they want to!
Addressing client pain points. Client closet in photography studio in The Woodlands, Texas
Bonus: Another pain point I discovered is just getting to the studio. Packing a diaper bag and getting to the studio can feel like a lot of work. Which is why I also offer lifestyle newborn sessions, where we do our photoshoot in the comfort of my client’s home and I bring everything to them!

Addressing YOUR Client Pain Points

So, who is your ideal client, and what are the pain points they face? If you want to strengthen your relationship with your clients and truly provide them with valuable service, do a little brainstorming and choose something you know will help them. Then, implement that into your services!
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