Graduation is just around the corner, and I have been having so much fun helping seniors get ready! It’s natural to want to look your best for your session, and seniors often ask me about outfits. We will go over some options during your consultation, but in the meantime, here are some ideas on what to wear for your senior photography session.

what to wear for your senior photography session, high school girl in white dress, brown boots, and cowboy hat standing in field


Neutral colors and jewel tones are usually flattering for any skin tone and have the added bonus of working well with many settings. Whether we go to a park or hit up an urban area for your photoshoot, you can feel confident that a neutral or jewel toned outfit will go well with the setting.

New or Familiar?

I won’t stop you from buying something new. But often, wearing something familiar can help you feel comfortable. Your favorites are usually favorites for a reason, so if you have a dress or shirt you love, wear it!


Lots of different patterns can work for your senior photography session. As a rule, I recommend avoiding very busy patterns and graphic tees. Busy patterns can be distracting, and graphic tees can easily date your photos if and when your tastes changes years down the line.


During your senior photoshoot, we’ll play around with a variety of poses, so it’s a good idea to choose outfits that you feel comfortable moving around in. You want to be able to relax and have fun, not be constantly worrying about adjusting your clothing.


When thinking about what to wear for your senior photography session, remember, you’re not limited to one outfit. A couple of outfit changes can give you greater variety in your photos and reflect different aspects of your personality, so have two or three options lined up!

What to Wear for Your Senior Photography Session…and More!

I’m so excited to help you capture this exciting time in your life! Be sure to check out my page for seniors for more information and resources. And if you have questions, please contact me. Lots of love, and congratulations on this huge accomplishment!