Do you have professional headshots? If you don’t, you should! And if you do, you should know that it’s important to update them regularly so you can give clients the best impression. I love providing professional portraits because I know just how helpful it can be to your business to have photos that showcase your personality and passion. But how do you know when to update your headshots? These clues can help you know when it’s time to bring in a professional and get those pictures up to date!

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You Don’t Have Professional Headshots

If your current headshot is a selfie, or one that a friend took as a favor for you, it’s time to invest! There’s a very clear difference between shots taken by a professional and shots taken by an amateur. And even if they can’t put their finger on why, your clients can tell the difference.

You Don’t Like the Look of Your Current Headshot

You should love your headshots! If the ones you have feel stale, or you don’t feel like they’re flattering or portray the real you, then start shopping around for a photographer whose style you like.

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Your Appearance Has Changed

Clients want an accurate portrait of who you are now. If you’ve lost or gained weight, changed hair color, aged a bit (it happens to the best of us!) or changed your look, it’s time to update your headshots.

Your Business Has Changed

A good brand photographer will style your headshots to fit your business vibe. If your business has changed, grown, or gone in a different direction, you want updated photos that speak to that.

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You Need More Variety

If you’re just using your headshots on your website and business cards, you don’t need a ton of variety. But if you want professional photos of yourself for social media and other outlets, you want lots of options to choose from so it doesn’t look like all your pictures are from the same shoot.

You Want to Establish Your Personal Brand

Whether you run your own business or not, your personal brand is part of what you bring to the table. What are your values? Your talents? What can clients and colleagues count on you for? If your current headshots feel generic, that’s a clue that it’s time to update them so they reflect your unique personality and what you can do for clients.

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It’s Been More Than a Year Since Your Last Headshot

What if none of these apply? A good rule of thumb is to update your headshots every one to two years. Whether you realize it or not, things are changing all the time, and you want to look like you’re riding the wave of current events–not playing catch up.

Ready to Update Your Headshots?

I provide lifestyle and brand photography to professionals in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas. Check out more about my business photography services here, and please be in touch with any questions. I’d love to help you grow your business and establish your brand!