Wondering why you should invest in brand photography? With so many stock images on the web, plus a camera right there in your phone, you may have questioned if it’s really worth it. Can’t you just do it yourself? Trust me, having high-quality, professional images makes a world of difference! Here are three reasons why:

Makes Your Brand Easy to Recognize

A good brand has a strong visual aspect. Using consistent colors, fonts, and styles helps people recognize your brand quickly. It also creates a feeling of trust and reliability. If you’re using stock images from the internet, chances are it’s going to be tough to find pictures that reflect your company’s value and mission, while at the same time falling in line with your brand’s aesthetics. And even if you do, who knows how many other people are using the exact same picture? When you invest in brand photography, you have full control and can make your images exactly what you want them to be. Plus, you have the assurance that they are completely original and unique.

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Increases Brand Engagement

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. This is definitely evident in brand photography. Social media posts with images are more likely to be noticed and liked or commented on. A website with pictures is more interesting and encourages people to stay and explore. Even articles and blog posts are more likely to be read all the way through if they come with photos. Why? Because quality images increase the level of attachment customers feel towards a particular brand. Even with staged pictures, photos show that this is a real company, with real products and services, run by real people. This provides instant connection for clients and allows them to relate to you and your brand–and want to be part of it.

Simplifies Life!

Here’s one of the biggest reasons why you should invest in brand photography: It makes life so much easier! I’m a professional photographer, never happier than when I’m behind a camera. But, as you all know, life gets crazy–especially when you’re running a business! In my opinion, being able to outsource something that takes a huge amount of time and effort when you’re doing it on your own (like brand photography) is worth every penny. Even a single brand photography session, done right, can provide you with a file of ready-to-use social media images, pictures for your website or other advertising outlets, a great headshot, and maybe even some product photos. Letting the pros handle it pays off–not just in brand engagement, but in letting you be a happier business owner.

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I’m delighted to offer brand photography of all kinds to business owners. From lifestyle and styled shoots to product pictures, I’m here to help! Everything will be customized to your business and formatted for your specific needs or media outlets. We’ll chat more about the perfect session at your design appointment, but if you’re ready to book or have questions along the way, just get in touch!