Why You Should Schedule Your Newborn Session

Your newborn session album is just as important as your wedding album.

If you’re like most newlyweds, you probably spent a large portion of your wedding budget on photography, and with good reason.

After all, once the guests have gone home, and your memories fade, your wedding photos are the one thing you have left to remember the emotions, joy, and details of your special day.

But there are other days in your life, and in your marriage, that matter just as much as your wedding day. The birth of your first child, or even your second or third, marks a huge change in the dynamic of your family. Each birth is a major milestone, and an amazing moment in your life, one you’ll want to cherish for years to come.

Newborn photos allow you to hold on to those tiny memories as your child grows and begins to crawl, talk, and walk. These images will remind you of the magic and wonder of your baby’s first days of life, and that is just one of the reasons why you should consider investing in a newborn photo session.

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 You may regret not having newborn photos some day  

I’ve never met a single person who regretted having photos captured from major moments in their lives. Have you ever seen someone not value their child’s graduation or newborn baby album? Of course not. Memories are incredibly important, and photographs are one of the primary ways we hold onto them. You are far more likely to regret not taking photos than you are to regret having them. 

A newborn photo session may seem overwhelming when you are so busy taking care of a brand new baby. But in the years to come, as your baby grows up, you’ll be so glad that you have printed photos to remind you of their first few days of life. Our memories fade over time, and we won’t be able to smell or touch that sweet soft hair, so looking back is the next best thing. 

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You won’t get a second chance at taking these images

You only have a limited time (2-3 weeks new) to capture newborn images before your baby is too big…and unfortunately, we can’t rewind time. Capturing photos of your brand new baby, in their newest and most pure moments, is a life moment that you won’t ever regret.

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Your babies will be grateful, and so will your grandkids

Have you ever looked at old photos of your parents or grandparents when you were growing up? It’s so fun to look for family resemblances and to see how much everyone has grown and changed. Photos can help give your family a sense of history and help your children better understand where they came from and what life was like before they could remember. Having photos of your children as newborns will give them something to look back on and cherish with their own kids. And, it may start a tradition that will continue for generations to come.


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One day, photos will be all you’ll have left

As we age, memories fade, and we sometimes struggle to hold on to even the most important ones. That’s what is so amazing about photography, it allows you to capture memories and helps remind you of the biggest moments in your life.

Don’t wait to have your pictures taken, those tiny toes and sweet smiles will turn into big kids faster than you want them to.


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