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Your Business Photo Shoot: How to Prep Employees for Picture Day

Shannon Reece Jones Photography

You may be ready for a business photo shoot, but is the rest of your team? Here are some tips and tricks for how to prep your employees for a business photo shoot so they can look and feel their best on picture day.

business photo shoot Houston marketing photographer

Didn’t You Get the Memo?

It seems obvious, but make sure your employees know that a professional photographer will be shooting on location, when it will be happening, and what to expect. Letting folks know well in advance (and following up with a reminder the day before) will help them feel relaxed and allow them to prep ahead of time.

Rest Up

Encourage your employees to get plenty of rest the night before your business photo shoot. Well rested people photograph better and are more likely to enjoy the experience.

Stay Hydrated

Just as people look better when they’re well rested, it’s amazing what hydration can do for your skin! Make sure everyone on your team is well hydrated for the business photo shoot. Maybe you could even provide a cooler of bottled drinks to make it easy.

Be the Early Bird

I’m happy to schedule photos whenever works for you. However, many business owners find that earlier is better when it comes to photographing on location. Getting pictures in early, before the demands and stresses of the day have a chance to set in, can make it a smoother experience for everyone.

Set Up Your Space

It can be beneficial to have a designated space set up in your business location that’s clean and photo ready. We’ll stage as needed, but a little work ahead of time simplifies things and ensures that there’s no background clutter to detract from your finished images. If you plan to do your business photo shoot throughout the entire building, or if you have multiple locations we’ll be shooting at, making a single space impractical, you can also let your employees know when they should have their areas cleaned up and what types of things are okay to keep out or put away.

What to Wear

If you don’t have a standard uniform, your employees may ask what they should wear for photo day. I recommend against graphics or logos (unless they represent your company) and generally advise steering clear of bold or unusual patterns and colors. As a general rule, it’s best to keep clothing neutral and conservative. However, this does depend on your business vibe! We can talk about outfits at your pre-session consultation and decide what’s appropriate for your company.

Keep a Mirror Handy

It can be helpful to have a mirror nearby when doing a business photo shoot. This gives employees a chance to double check their hair, clothing, or makeup before it’s their turn in front of the camera.

Have Fun!

A business photo shoot doesn’t have to be all business–it can be fun as well! Not everyone loves having their picture taken, so make it a good experience (and ensure everyone will show up) by offering something fun for your employees on the day of the shoot. Free coffee, gift cards, or an extended lunch are relatively inexpensive ways to give your employees something to look forward to on the big day.


I’m delighted to offer business and marketing photography of all kinds to business owners. From lifestyle shoots to headshots and product pictures, I’m here to help! Everything will be customized to your business and formatted for your specific needs or media outlets. We’ll chat more about the perfect session at your design appointment, but if you’re ready to book or have questions along the way, please get in touch!