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4 Reasons You Should Print Your Photos

November 17, 2021


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Do you have thousands of photos on your electronic device, but none displayed around your home? While digital images are great–they take up no space and aren’t going to fade or discolor with time–there’s something special about a tangible photograph. Whether they’re your own family snapshots or professional portraits from a studio, here are 4 reasons you should print your photos!

reasons you should print your photos, professional Houston TX portrait photographer

Reason 1: Sharing is Caring

Sure, you can email and airdrop photos to others. But just as a text or email can’t compare with a handwritten letter in the mail, a printed photo is so much more special! And for those who aren’t tech-savvy, physical photos are much more accessible. Giving a print lets the recipient know you thought about them and carefully chose an image you thought they’d love.

professional newborn photos Houston Texas

Reason 2: Photos Make a House a Home

If you walk into a room that seems to lack personality, it’s probably missing pictures. Framed photos or canvases make the perfect home decor. Not only are pictures like these beautiful–they’re one hundred percent personal too. Nothing reflects your family’s personality or individuality like photos!

newborn photographer Houston Texas, framed black and white photo collage

Reason 3: Highlight Your Favorite Photos

One of the reasons you should print your photos is to help you narrow down your favorites. I’ve had clients tell me they couldn’t decide which ones to display until they printed several out. Seeing your pictures in print format can give you an immediate idea for which ones will work best in your home–and which ones you truly love.

home decor family portraits Houston TX photographer

Reason 4: Printed Photos are Forever Memories

How often do you open that file on your computer to scroll through pictures? With a framed photo or beautiful album, those pictures are accessible and always top of mind. Photos are a way to capture your forever memories–so why tuck them away where you only look at them occasionally? Printing them out instead allows you to display them with love and pride, and to enjoy them every day.

Reasons to print your photos, Houston portrait studio

There are so many beautiful options for displaying your printed photos–and so many reasons you should print them! Be sure to check out the artwork choices from Shannon Reece Jones Photography for inspiration! (And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for more gorgeous pictures!)


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