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Best Photo Gifts

December 7, 2021


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If you follow Shannon Reece Jones Photography, you know I think that photos make the best gifts! They’re personal, classic, and done right, they can be timeless. With that in mind, here are my picks for best photo gifts:

newborn photo album

Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Photos on canvas make absolutely stunning wall art and incredibly thoughtful gifts. These are especially appropriate for a spouse or significant other. What a treasure to have a photo of the family you’ve created together displayed pride-of-place in your home.

Keepsake Albums

If you have a collection of photos you want to share, a custom keepsake album is the perfect choice. These make gorgeous gifts for grandparents and even older children. Albums have a lot of flexibility, and can highlight your child’s or family’s entire growing up. Or you can focus in on a single event or season of life.

best photo gifts Shannon Reece Jones Photography

Framed Portraits

Framed portraits are a classic photo gift for a reason. These can be some of the best photo gifts for any family members, as they’re great for a smaller space or as part of a collection of other framed photos on a wall.

Fine Art Prints

If space is a concern, fine art prints are often the best way to go. These can be easily framed for display on a wall, table, or mantelpiece. You can also present them to the recipient in a nice box or tied with a ribbon and allow them to choose whether to frame them, put them in an album, or use them in a collage.

Best photo gifts Houston Texas family photographer

Wood Photoblocks

For a unique twist on the classic print or portrait, wood photoblocks give just that extra touch of originality that makes them one of the best photo gifts! They have the personalized touch that makes photos so appealing, plus the durability and unique appearance of wood to really set them off.

If you need more specifics and examples as you think about the best photo gifts for this season of giving, be sure to check out our artwork options!



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