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Maternity & Newborn Session Information

January 19, 2022


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Maternity & Newborn Session Information

Maternity & Newborn session information can be overwhelming for a first time mom, that’s I’m here to help with all of the details.

Keep reading for more, and please feel free to reach out with any other questions you may think of along the way…

Newborn Studio - Houston | Maternity & Newborn Session Information

Maternity & Newborn Session Information

When is the best time to book a newborn session?

The best time to book your newborn session is when you find out that you are expecting! A little secret, I usually know that you are expecting before your family does. I like to photograph maternity sessions around 30 weeks, and we typically schedule your newborn & maternity session at the same time (on our first call.) I will pencil in your newborn session, about 14 days from your due date. If baby comes early, or a little later than planned, we can always adjust the time and date if we need to. Don’t worry at all ;). I am a fine art portrait photography studio, and only schedule 2 newborn sessions per week, along with my family portraits and photography mentoring schedule. I do book up fast, and far in advance, so just be sure to reach out as soon as you are ready to put the dates on your calendar. 

How old should the baby be for the newborn pictures?

There are so many different opinions on newborn photography; your session is going to be customized just for you, and we need to make it special for you and your baby. I like to schedule sessions about two weeks from your due date. If you have a planned delivery that goes perfectly, you are welcome to come in as early as 7 to 10 days; however, I like to wait about 10 to 12 days just to give you a little more time to heal, and bond with your baby. A lot of my clients choose an at home lifestyle session.

At home lifestyle sessions are wonderful for older babies because we can schedule your session around two weeks or three weeks old. The baby will be swaddled and held, and there will not be any fancy posing so no need to worry about sleeping babies or crying. They will be happy because they will be loved and held.

For studio sessions… or baby only sessions… or more posed… I do like the baby to be about 8 to 12 days old.

How many people can be a part of our session?

This is your session, so you can include as many people as you would like! Most clients have Mom, Dad, siblings, as well as a grandparent or two. Please just let me know ahead of time so that I can make sure that we plan accordingly, and make sure that we have enough space and time for your session. We will chat about all of the details during your pre-session meeting prior to your session.

Do I need to bring anything to the session?

The only thing that you need to bring to your session is diapers, wipes, and food for your baby. If you are nursing, just bring yourself. If you are using a pacifier, I am happy to use that as well. There are plenty of props, outfits, wraps, and accessories for the baby, as well as outfits for mom. I also have pretty dresses and crowns for a little girls as well if they want to feel extra special for their portraits with their new baby. Again we will go over all of this during your pre-session meeting, talk about your favorite colors, where you’re going to hang your portraits, and what you are going to wear for your session.

How long is a newborn session?

The picture taking part is probably only 30 minutes to an hour, but newborn sessions can take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours … really it just depends on the baby. Most of the time spent is changing diapers, feeding the baby, changing outfits, etc. The session is completely baby lead, we will not be in a rush, and I recommend you not plan anything else that afternoon, so that you don’t feel rushed  or in a hurry. Lunch and naps are popular after ;).

Is hair and make up included?

Hair and make up is an add-on and I work with Analisa Hastings Hair and Make Up. She does an amazing job, and has a great team, they are very experienced with my clients and always make them look and feel they are best for their session day. New Mom’s love that they will also come to their homes before their session… not having to leave the house with the baby a favorite for at home lifestyle…  we all come to you!

How do I book my session?

Simple! Just email me or give me a call 214-274-9223, and we will chat on the phone!

I will spend some time getting to know you, asking you questions about your home, your artwork, and what you plan on doing with your pictures. Shannon Reece Jones Photography is a fine art portrait studio, so we do make sure that your pictures are printed, but you do get the matching digital images with your portraits as well. I will send you a link to book your session… it’s super simple… and it will include your dates for both your maternity and newborn session.

You will pay a sitting fee that is $500 per session. You do not have to choose any of your collections, artwork, digital images, or products until your ordering appointment after your session. 

What is the price of a newborn session?

After you have paid your booking fee, we will photograph your beautiful family and you will come back to the studio to choose what you would like to order.  Most clients invest in an average of 2500-4500+ per session. Some clients choose a handful of fine art prints, while others create large wall galleries. Keepsake albums are a newborn favorite. Digital images are included in collections, or you are welcome to order wall art, albums, and fine art prints al la carte… which also include the matching digital image complementary. I’ll show you everything when you come to the studio. This truly is a boutique experience, where you get to create what you love. Grandparents are welcome to come to the studio for the ordering appointment to place their own private orders or they are welcome to come separately at their own date and time.

What if the baby comes early, or we don’t have anything to wear and feel so unprepared?

Please do not worry, I am here to help with everything!  I have outfits for mom, outfits for baby, and will help you dress dad… he probably has something in his closet that you didn’t even know will be perfect ;). We will work the dates around the baby’s due date and if something special happens, like the NICU, don’t worry… we can still take baby pictures when the baby is a little bit older.

What if my older children are super jealous of the baby and I’m worried they won’t behave during the session?

Don’t worry Mama, I’ve got this.  Typically what I do, is I schedule the session in the morning around 10 AM… and we start the pictures with siblings, and family, and then they get to leave. They can go to the park, or go home, or go to school, or wherever you think they will be the most happy. After they leave with dad or grandma, or whoever is there to help that day, then we will continue on the session with Mom and baby, and baby alone. This makes the sibling a part of the session, but they don’t have to stay the entire time, and Mom can enjoy the experience a little more as well.

What do I do after my session?

This is the best part!! You get to come back to the studio a few weeks after your session… and see everything fully edited on a big slideshow! Choose your favorites and order what you love. You will get to make a keepsake album, order gifts, and fine art prints, as well as portraits for your home. Everything is custom-made just for you and is fine art quality, meaning that it’s meant to last… and be passed down to your baby… and their babies…. and their babies.

I’m so excited I just want to book my session what do I do again?

Just email me or give me a call 214-274-9223 and we will chat on the phone, talk about dates, look at our calendars, and schedule everything! I’m an open book, I’m here to help, and I cannot wait for your session!

Lots of Love,


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