So many of my clients call asking, “Shannon, how much is a newborn session?” Next, they decide if they are going to add maternity portraits to their newborn session. Let me tell you something, as a mom, and as someone who works with expecting moms all the time, there is nothing more beautiful than pregnancy and your newborn baby. There is no dollar amount that will ever add up to this precious time in your life. Even if you only choose 1 image, have it framed, and preserved, and keep it safe… I promise you will treasure it always, and so will your baby.

I know you still want to know, “How much does a newborn photography session cost?” Let’s break it down into five essential aspects that contribute to the overall investment in preserving these cherished memories:

Newborn Photography Investment Information - Picture of Expecting Mom at Newborn Studio Session

1. Education and Expertise

Behind the lens of a newborn photographer is a wealth of knowledge and skill. Newborn photography is a specialized field that requires a deep understanding of infant behavior, safety protocols, and the art of capturing those first tiny details. Photographers invest time and resources in continuous education (often daily) to stay updated on the latest techniques, ensuring that your newborn baby is in the best of hands.

2. Business Insurance and Newborn Safety

When it comes to photographing newborn babies, safety is first. Professional newborn photographers should always carry business insurance to protect both themselves and their clients.  Insurance provides peace of mind, knowing that every precaution has been taken to ensure a secure environment for your baby during the photo session.

3. Studio, Props, and Accessories

Creating the perfect setting for newborn photography involves more than just a camera and a sweet baby. A well-equipped studio, complete with an array of props and accessories, contributes to the overall aesthetic of the portraits. From soft blankets to soft wraps, these accessories add a touch of uniqueness and beauty to your newborn’s portraits, making the session an unforgettable experience.

4. Hours of Shooting and Editing

The magic of newborn photography doesn’t happen in an instant. Photographers dedicate extensive hours to both the photo shoot and the meticulous editing process that follows. Each image is carefully crafted to showcase the innocence and beauty of your baby, while adding the photographers artistic touch. The photographer’s time, talent, and attention to detail are invaluable aspects of the overall cost, ensuring you receive classic, timeless photographs.

5. Priceless Memories

Ultimately, the cost of a newborn photography session is an investment in priceless memories. These images capture a fleeting moment in time, preserving the innocence and beauty of your newborn forever. As the years pass, you’ll look back on these photographs wishing time hadn’t passed so quickly. You will remember those tiny fingers, the soft curls, and the joy that filled your heart during this special time in your life.

Your Investment

In conclusion, the cost of a newborn photography session may vary. The most experienced newborn photographers offer wall art, keepsake albums and fine art prints. Your investment for a professional newborn photographer may be anywhere from $2500-$5500 and the investment amount really depends on the artwork that you would like to order from your newborn photographer.

Overall, your newborn photography investment reflects the expertise, safety measures, studio setup, time, and talent invested by the photographer. It’s not just about photographing your images; it’s about preserving the magic of a special and irreplaceable moment in your family’s life.

Reserve Your Newborn Session

If you are expecting your first baby (or 4th baby!) Shannon Reece Jones Photography is here to photograph your family during this special time in your life. Be sure to contact Shannon for more information, as we do have limited availability and are only scheduling 2 newborn sessions per week at this time.







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